Valeriu Streleț. Prim-ministrul lui Vlad Filat

The International Airport from Chisinau comes again into public attention, after Valeriu Streleț, the new prime-minister put into chair by Vlad Filat (the ex-prime-minister dismissed for corruption), made clear the intention that the method through which the airport was indulged should be investigated and maybe reconsidered.

A noble intention, isn’t it? NO! Because Vlad Filat doesn’t do anything without a profit.

The “kleptomaniac” has the habit – no action without profit.

You will ask yourselves, how is this possible to steal more money from our pockets returning the airport into state possession?

It’s very easy – all the roads go again to… FRANKFURT!

C. Cheianu (mijloc) și A. Durbală (dreapta), angajații lui V. Țopa (stânga): „La Frankfurt am primit asigurări…”

Let’s take step by step. Only this way we can put all the information together offered by various sources, which through the time proved their heavy influence. Or, meanwhile Moldova24 cannot be accused by anyone for spreading some fake information, especially that behind all our statements lay strong arguments and compelling evidence, which can destroy any court cases.

Doi Vlazi. Uneori, sunt nevoiți să dea ochii unul cu altul.

Launched in a mortal (political) fight with Plahotniuc, Vlad Filat, a life-time friend with Victor Țopa, (since they were working together in the team of Lucinschi), decides that it’s high time to take advantage of this friendship, exact in the same way as he did in the case with Pădurea Domnească, when he thought that the moment came to destroy him completely. Now the “heavy” billion takes him down, also his and his relatives’ involvement becomes obvious, Filat (the version of the secret services – the KLEPTOMANIAC or TALIF – his own version) together with the brothers Topa decide to strike the final blow.

These ones jointly drawn up an action plan. A very brave one, even risky. And cynical. They deflect people’s discontent through Jurnal TV and the civic DA Platform and directing it towards Plahotniuc, whom they accuse of the billion theft, even that the only evidence is leading directly to Filat. (This doesn’t mean that Plahotniuc is somehow squeaky clean and in the following we will not come with some spicy details from his life). Here comes the second part of the plan – Filat being taken as a victim. Just that reporters knew the script from the beginning. Thus Filat and Topa have stalled somewhere in the phase of accusation of the DA Platform. Or, even most ardent members of this Platform are doubtful about the real goal of the protests, chiefly that none of them would accept the game of Filat.

miting DA5
Platforma DA. La microfon – finul și avocatul lui V. Țopa

Meanwhile, the DA Platform shall meet the promises of the hunting pilot of the state money – Topa. And these are: the amnesty in the case where as a result him being a fugitive (Filat still has time to do it during his innings as the dangling president, this is why they made so many mistakes) and the returning of Topa in the aviation, there where he held important positions during his glory period (the Chief of the Civil Aviation, responsible of the Airport reconstruction, Minister of the Transportation).

V. Țopa. Frankfurt. 1 aprilie 2015. Întânirea cu Vlad Filat

If with the first part of the promise made at Frankfurt April 1st, 2005 (when they made the deal about selling Jurnal TV) is a small problem, because the amnesty will be too obvious exposing the entire mafia, then the part about the airport can be easily resolved. Filat already being in charge of it. Or besides the theft of the billion, people still want the airport back.

Thus, with the help of Strelet, Filat starts a campaign of bringing back the airport in the state property so that to install there his own administrators.ere a aeroportului în proprietatea statului, pentru a putea pune propriii administratori acolo.

Doi prim-miniștri. Unul demis pentru acte de corupție. Al doilea mereu gata să execute ordinul primului

So-called administrators agreed with Topas who just know not from rumors, how the financial flows in the aviation can significantly be thinned in favor of their own interests.

Shor, ca de fiecare dată, campion!

You will probably ask yourselves how about Shor, another friend of Filat. Or apparently , he is somehow, a moldavian saying – ‘chidanit-’

with the implementation of Topa’s plan, because he remains without the airport, which, there is no secret got into his hands. This is not just like that!

In the case the state wants to review the concession, Shor will receive huge compensations, or there are conditions in the contract that stipulates excessive amounts. There are not just numbers. This is money that we all shall take from our pockets (as in the case of the TALIFAT BILLION).

We have to admit that Filat is a master in such combinations. Isn’t he?

To revise:

Topa helping Filat to get rid of Plahotniuc, he returns the airport from Shor to the State, where he appoints Topa’s administrators, and Shor pays with the state’s money (namely our money) huge compensations.

Beautiful, isn’t it? All are pleased, including those who are pleading for the returning of the airport.

YOUR TALIF, KLEPTOMANIAC – you can call him whatever you want, is immedicable. He is so stalled that he cannot stop. Then somenone shall stop him forcibly.

Contract Concesionare AIC Partea 1 (1)

Сontract concesionare AIC partea 2


Thing about which people prefer to keep silent or about which the public knows little. That is what we plan to show you in every edition of the Observator. Where is the billion or “Operation Talif”. Enjoy!

Let’s go by the numbers. The missing billion was first mentioned in Observator.

Suddenly, the figure of inter-banks loans has increased, when this amount, from three billion lei suddenly rose to 13.5 billion. Looking carefully, until 2013 all inter-bank loans were relatively equal, spread evenly through the entire banking system, from 2014 we witness that 75% to 80% of them are going to a single bank. Out of these 13 billion lei, almost 11 billion, in fact a bit over 11 billion, went to a single bank Since then, things went awry in the Republic of Moldova. It’s hard to believe what happened next. And it’s equally hard to understand the mechanism that lead to such an outcome. But it’s worth a try.

Of the fact that Vlad Filat and his relatives are directly involved in the Heist of the Century, Veaceslav Ionita anounced as early as last year. He has revealed how unbelievable sums of money were embezzled by Filat’s family, under his guidance and influence. Through some schemes as old as the world itself, sums of money were taken from the Moldovan Savings Bank (BEM), I could only prove about 500 million lei, but the damage is much greater. After making such statements, he found himself sued for liable by Filat’s relatives, who claimed to be wrongfully defamed and denigrated. But the two civil suits are about to crumble. Crumble just like the political career of the man who hid behind the entire scheme described by the former liberal-democrat MP.

It’s interesting how they failed to appear in court for two on two dates, who are running in parallel. At the first trial, they claimed that at the exact time they were themselves on trial, and I remember that six months before that I had made a request to the Anti-Corruption Centre since I was tired to be sued all the time, perhaps it was time to send them to court, as well. Thanks to the prosecutors for having listened. And it’s ironic how they were actually on trial for all the felonies I had put in their charge and for which I had been sued. And for the second lawsuit they entirely failed to appear before the judge. According to our laws, if the plaintiff is absent without a valid motive, the case is dismissed. It wasn’t dismissed yet, but we want to insist that the complaint be overruled, on grounds of the plaintiff not showing up in court. To conclude, the prosecutors have finally confirmed what Veaceslav Ionita was saying a year before and press charges against Filat’s relatives, whom they accuse of plotting criminal schemes aimed to empoverish the Republic of Moldova and to fill their own pockets. We are talking about company seals that were found in the HQ of the companies that were searched with a warrant. We discovered the seals of the companies used to transfer the money, including the sums obtained fraudulently as loans from the Savings Bank (BEM). We found the access codes for bank accounts open for domestic and foreign companies, in off-shore banks. The access codes to these accounts mean that the accounts could be managed remotely. The copy to a set of documents which is now part of the criminal file. We aim to establish how the copy of such documents came into the possession of the persons who are directly involved in the investigation. I prefer to refrain from comments. Furthermore, for the first time, the plan comes to include the name Vlad Filat. After the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, reveals several documents that prove how Filat used money from the Savings Bank to finance his own election campaign. The stolen money were transferred by off-shore companies that belong to him to a PR/advocacy firm in the United States.

Rhodos is an offshore company which paid for the entire PR of the Liberal Democrats in the elections campaign. Here is the direct evidence: payments, accounts, transactions…

The Rhodos company had appeared in this new formula, I had the names of Mr. Filat’s relatives, but I did not want to name anyone, as I thought that those were private individuals, I was interested of the fact that they were direct relatives to Mr. Filat and that also they had made payments to an American company. Sadly for me and for the entire public, at the time I did not have the documents to confirm such claims. I knew that this had happened, several people knew about it, but it was beyond possible to have such documents. Since in order to pay for the services of the US company they had used money stolen from the Savings Bank, the US authorities would later start a criminal probe targeted also at Vlad Filat. From the Savings Bank’s money, there were payments made to an American company, at the time the person who approved the payments was under US jurisdiction. And so, the authorities, the US prosecutors were simply compelled to lauch a criminal investigation and to prosecute the case. And from here on you simply can’t blame a political vendetta. As he saw the end was nearer and nearer, Vlad Filat has attempted, in the past few weeks, to contact US vice-president Joe Biden. Filat wanted to persuade him that, in fact, he was just a victim. Biden did not heed. He ignored him. It seems like the decisions at the highest level had already been made. And the dice had been cast. Until the US case went on trial, Moldovan investigators started already to do something about Filat. The Anti-Corruption Centre officers examined carefully all statements made by Mr. Usatii in his press-conference, he was summoned the next day to talk to the prosecutors, he was heard as a witness, according to criminal procedures. He was even warned of the consequences of false testimony. He gave us detailed statements related to what he had said in the press-conference and he also produced copies of the documents that were released to the media. At the moment, we are examining these statements, we are observing them carefully, we are considering our future options for the prosecution of the case, whom exactly we need to question in order to verify if the documents are genuine. They are sure to become the object of a more extended inquest. Let’s allow law enforcers to do their job and to decide independently whether Filat is responsible or not for the theft of 100 million of the missing billion. Money whose route was already deduced. We also tried to established what happened in parallel. How Filat attempted to cover-up his involvement in the embezzlement. Knowing that monkey business can be hid under a smoke-screen, with the proper distraction for the public opinion, Filat decides to increase the stock of affiliated media and purchases to this purpose, with the very money that he had stolen from BEM the portal Unimedia and Radio “Voice of Bassarabia”.

There are no more doubts that they belong to him. Meanwhile, Filat decides to revert to his old buddies, with whom he had tried before, in 2013, to remove Vladimir Plahotniuc: the Topa brothers. He meets up with them in Frankfurt, where he offers them a down-payment for Jurnal TV and sets on to plot the demise of Plahotniuc. I had no idea that I was being followed, especially when travelling abroad. I can say one thing, I never ceased to communicate with certain persons, including – very seldom, but I did communicate – Mr. Victor Topa. And I see nothing wrong with it. This once, the interest of the Topa brothers and those of Filat manage to coincide. The Topa brothers want Plahotniuc destroyed, in order to be able to return to Moldova, to the place where they stole their fortune. And Filat wants Plahotniuc annihilated because he controls the Anti-Corruption Centre and the General Prosecutor, institutions which are getting dangerously close to scoring their biggest hit, a fatal one for Filat.

So, in a context of popular dissent, Filat and the Topa brothers decide to redirect the people’s anger to a single target: Plahotniuc. For this, they take control in the DA Platform, with the aid of Jurnal TV and of certain analysts from competing networks. They lauch attacks on Plahotniuc. Proving extra-zealous, in the meat-grinder falls also Mihai Ghimpu, of the Liberal Party. This happened because Filat is a frustrated individual and he recalled who was the person that notified the Constitutional Court that Filat was unfit for the office of prime-minister, thus humiliating him publically, as he was made to leave office on corruption charges. Filat is but a carrot compared to me. I have been fighting for 24 years, he has no clue as to what is a cause, a struggle. He has nothing sacred in his heart, I cannot tolerate this man. Enough! Up to here!

The DA movement very quickly steps in and leads the crowd in the direction pointed out by Filat and the Topa brothers, blaming Plahotniuc for the stolen billion. This, I repeat, despite the fact that the first clues as to the size of the heist were revealed by Observator, and all these clues lead to Filat. I apologize to the citizens of Moldova when I say that 500 million lei is small potatoes, but when you are considering hundreds of millions of dollars, 500 million lei start looking small. In no time, the true interest of DA were unmasked by the media. It has become obvious for all that the Platform is playing the game of Filat and of the Topa brothers. It went down as quickly as it went up. And its leaders and the media front that backed them up have proven amateurish, making essential mistakes, that were easy to spot. Filat wanted to cause the implosion of the politic leadership in Moldova. But he failed. Seeing that he had come unglued, Filat wanted to start an alliance and for that to conceed anything, even to Ghimpu, whom he despises. And to Plahotniuc, who holds the fate of Filat in his hands. And the Strelet cabinet of 2015 proves that Filat was no longer the country’s most popular figure, as in 2009, but someone who can be easily blackmailed and who would be willing to sell short whatever he has, in order to get away.

This was obvious in his Parliament speech, before the new Cabinet was sworn into office. The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, the Democratic Party of Moldova, the Liberal Party of Moldova have signed an agreement to ally as the new parliament majority, in order to secure good governance for the Republic of Moldova. Strelet is sworn in as prime-minister and Filat is in for a new suprise. Please make note of my decision to resign as MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. Vlad Plahotniuc steps down as MP and the end is somewhere near.

That which you have seen until now would be enough to land someone in prison? I think that the authorities… I don’t mean the people who are already under arrest. I think that today, our authorities have managed to secure enough evidence, including the latest statements made public, with the documents that have emerged, they are enough to launch – and I am sure that it was launched – a criminal probe. Can we expect a criminal case against he who was targeted by this, namely Vlad Filat?

At the time, we can neither confirm, nor deny who will be subject to a criminal investigation. After we study all of the documents and we receive all the answers that we need to the questions that we are sure to ask, we will make a legal assessment of these actions and of the transactions that were carried out as loans from the Savings Bank of Moldova. This is Gabriel Calin, see you soon, goodbye!

Observator is produced by and, reproduction of this programme is permitted only as a whole.



I must admit that he has a rare gift of turning people into prostitutes.

The furious reaction of the clowns hired by Victor Topa proves yet again that the Observator is on the right track. Because it proves to be a pain in the neck. Things about which people keep quiet or know very little. Observator. Enjoy!

Our programs are a pest for some, because they foil the plans of our friends in Frankfurt, which, with the help of Vlad Filat and several other political players, have laid the foundations of Europe’s most corrupt state. The schemes that they have implemented are operational even to this day. Today, you will learn more about the manner in which Filat’s partners and friends have gained possession of Jurnal. You will also witness the solid connections between Filat and the Topa brothers. Connections that will never disappear, because money is at the centre of it all. Loads of money.

The year is 1999. After resigning from Flux, a publication owned by Iurie Rosca, Val Butnaru and Victor Gurau start up a weekly magazine called Jurnal de Chisinau. The newspaper soon proves successful. The public needed an independent and reliable source of information. The paper published by Butnaru and Gurau sold like hot cakes, and the people believed in every letter printed by the editors of the new publication. At the same time, a team of younginsatiable opportunists, who had gained political power thanks to former president Petru Lucinschi are starting to take care of business. Among these, our already known characters: Filat and the Topa brothers.

Some of them were in charge of the aviation and of the Savings Bank of Moldova, others had privatizations and finance in their pockets. Some were the crack squad, created by Petru Lucinschi. So, after a couple of fraudulent schemes of cigarette smuggling to Romania, achieved through Romold SRL, a company founded by the government-backed team loyal to Lucinschi, the aspiring young ones decide it was high time they took over the entire tobacco market.

In order to achieve their goals, Vlad Filat and his mates needed to assume command of Tutun CTC. Our friends needed a good reason and a massive row in order to succeed. Thus, Filat calls Victor Topa, of whom he asks to hasten up the process. Topa, who had the influence and the needed connections, decides to manipulate the public opinion using Jurnal de Chisinau, where he places several sponsored articles regarding the tobacco market. It is well known that I and Val Butnaru have started up Jurnal in 1999. Immediately after, I noted that there were certain connections between Val Butnaru and certain business people, who were ordering certain “services”. These services meant ordered articles.

Finally, at the top of Tutun CTC comes a person loyal to them, the nephew of general Mishin, a general who later paid back his debt to Filat, for the tobacco plant. He did so by leaving his party with a group of Communists. Up next, we have something that the media has kept quiet until now. This is something that is sure to get you wondering. It’s the take-over of Jurnal de Chisinau by Victor Topa. The question regarding the take-over of Jurnal cannot be analyzed only in the context of the newspaper itself. It’s a bit more complex than this. A certain string of events lead in those days to the assuming of control by Victor Topa. I must stress that it was Victor Topa. Practically, Jurnal de Chisinau, as a unique independent media enterprise.

In his spare time left by the weapons trading in Africa and the embezzlement of bank money, Victor Topa was minding his own aviation business. Thanks to the office that he held, he was responsible of the first ever renewal of the Chisinau International Airport. In those days, a company owned by Victor Gurau also had operations there. According to him, everyone who did business there would have to chip in by 10% of their turnover. Straight into the pockets of Topa. But Gurau refused to pay up.

I was part of the reconstruction effort of the Chisinau International Airport, running an enterprise which built the thermal plant and the heating system in general. I had no idea that I was being under such scrutiny and that a hefty sum had been calculated for me to pay up-front to you know whom. I had to leave the Republic of Moldova, Jurnal de Chisinau was acting autonomously, all fine and well 04.49 until the time when Victor and Viorel Topa were relieved from office.

In 2003 Victor Topa and Viorel Topa are removed from office. The godson of Victor Gurau is appointed in charge of Air Moldova and the Topa Brothers began to lose grip on the aviation industry and especially on the international flight corridors. They decide to build up the pressure on Gurau’s relative, who was hindering their scheme to take over the Air Moldova flights to Frankfurt. My godson, Dorin Chinciuc, was appointed general manager of Air Moldova. He was being pressured, and in a very tough manner, too, so as the new management would not jeopardize the fraudulent schemes that were persisting within the company. And not only in that company. Because it is well-known that a conflict had emerged and it had international ramifications. Namely, it had to do with the route from Frankfurt to Chisinau, and it involved a contract with a subsidiary company – supposed subsidiary of Dresden Bank.

In fact, behind that company there was the same old Victor Topa. As he was aiming to protect his godson, in 2003, Gurau has a serious talk with Victor Topa. 06.16 Topa promises to let them off the hook only after Gurau surrenders his share of stock in Jurnal de Chisinau and he also pays up the money he had previously refused to pay up to the same Topa.

So, at the time of our discussion, we raised the question of our boys being pressured, the question about the sums of money that I was supposed to owe as a result of running some contracts with my enterprise and also we discussed the surrendering of 50% of the ownership rights for Jurnal de Chisinau. My wife was registered as one of the founders but, of course, I was in charge of the day-to-day management.

And, together with Val Butnaru, we went to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and we registered – sorry, correction, we went to the Registrar’s office belonging to the Justice Department, and we transferred the 50% to Val Butnaru Obviously, Val Butnaru was the missing link between Victor Topa and Viorel Topa, because, in our discussions with Victor Topa, a sum of money that was supposed to be received as compensation by my family was put on Victor Topa’s tab.

So, it is well-known that they were working together. In such a manner, under the circumstances of that time, and thus Victor Topa became the key-figure in the subsequent creation of the Jurnal Trust Media Holding. And this was in?… This was in 2003. And this way, Gurau is stripped of his shares in Jurnal de Chisinau and Topa, with the help of Val Butnaru, gains possession of the stock. Through blackmail and threats. Topa had had his eye on Jurnal ever since he had witnessed the true power of the media. He was fully convinced when he placed the first sponsored articles related to the tobacco industry and to the so-called “Filat’s Cigarette” Operation. So, the story of Topa the investor, who only helped Butnaru out, is only a myth. One that is busted by the facts exposed by Gurau. Here is how Topa’s clowns now try to explain the existence of Jurnal TV.

Of all the Moldovans with businesses worth millions, of all the Moldovans robbed by Plahotniuc, Victor Topa was the only person who decided to finance a television network. Not to steal it, like Plahotniuc stole four of them, but to finance it totally, to start it up from scratch. And at this network, I and Anatol had the chance to work since its inception and until the present day, feeling that we are the freest journalists and the freest persons in the country. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. Jurnal TV was build on the foundation of Jurnal de Chisinau. It was taken by force from Victor Gurau. Just like in the case of Galina Proidisvet’s shares in Victoria Bank.

Were there any death threats or physical injury threats aimed at you? Let’s say so… “You’re a grandmother, you have children and grandchildren, think about them.” Was this the message? If you can recall, at the beginning, just as Jurnal TV was starting to go on air, the enterprise was announced as a German investment. Knowing that the media would be all over them for their prior schemes, the Topa brothers decide to conceal the fact that they were actually the founders of the new network. How much confidence can one have in a network that withholds its true ownership, because it may put it to shame, and that was made to reveal its true masters ony after it became way too obvious whose interests are being actually promoted? But keep in mind that these owners have at one point been in charge with the aviation industry and the Savings Bank of Moldova. They governed the country with Vlad Filat. They were and they still are in a lot of dodgy business with him. They have taken weapons to Africa, they are targeted by a massive inquest related to laundering drug money from international traffickers, they are ex-business partners with Vlad Plahotniuc and they are sentenced to long prison terms for embezzlement and blackmail.

And now, they want back. For this, they are using Jurnal TV, which is nothing more than a guerrilla network, built with stolen money. 10.31 And meant to promote their interests and to make them look like angels. Whenever the clowns hired by the Topa brothers tell you stories about their owners, clean as a whistle, it’s worth remembering one thing. That even Jurnal TV, theholiest of holies of this Mafia clan was taken by force, through pressure and blackmail. And Filat was also around, as usual. And he will always be around whenever a new corruption scheme needs to be implemented.

I am Gabriel Calin, we shall see each other soon, for a new edition of Observator. We promise to return to this topic any time need be, in order to rule out any speculations. And we reassure you, like we did countless times before, that we are only going to serve the truth, and not the lie.



Topa si prietenii

9064 characters – contains an article published on An article about the corruption in Republic of Moldova and the deception of the Europeans. The harsh reaction from Berlin: Republic of Moldova – a big deception for Europeans. All the good has been lost. EU has understood that had been feeding a corrupt elite society.

An article in which we don’t find the name of FILAT – the prime-minister dismissed for corruption.

Why do I have to say that this name is mandatory to find in the article on jurnal,md

Simply because that in the interview in which refers to the Trust of the Topa’s, this name is present. Furthermore he is clear an example of Europeans’ deception among the political class from Chisinau. There are no other examples.



Interviewed by Lena Grau, Stefan Meister, the Chief of German Association of Foreign Affairs, specialized in Central and East Europe, Central Asia and Russian Federation, highlights serious appearance problems that brings Republic of Moldova to grips with European Union, thanks to some fellows as Vlad Filat.


What does the Filat’s unsold Jurnal do? It takes him out of strike and represents the general opinion of the expert. Nice, isn’t it? Are there any doubts that Topas and Filat are playing in the same team? Are there any doubts that Cheianu cozying up Topa, is cozying up and Filat?

Let’s watch a short “отмаска(excuse)-broadcast”. But open-eyed:


Let’s see and a photo:
Topa si prietenii

Let’s see another set of photos:


3 4 5

Photos 3, 4 and 5. At 13:39, Filat leaves the same hotel, flanked by security guards, as Victor Țopa was already waiting on the back seat of the cab.


Let’s remember the statement made by Topas after in media had appeared information about their meeting with Filat at Frankfurt, but before Moldova24 to publish the photos:

Lately to draw away the attention of the public opinion from the major problems of Moldova – the theft of the billion, subservient justice, the state being captured by a criminal political group which caused the discontent of the citizens; monopolistic media, affiliated especially with Vlad Plahotniuc – the oligarch suited by Interpol, set off an attack without precedent against us, blaming for all the worse.

With this sequence of ideas we come to affirm on our own liability and responsibility the followings: Victor and Viorel Topa – we don’t have any kinship degree both natural or through alliance.

We are not involved or have contact with the emergence and establishment of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth”. We didn’t fund and will not fund the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” from the simple reason that the members of the group of initiative had declared overtly that didn’t accept any kinds of funding and they are responsible of all the expenses.

For almost 5 years, we had to leave Moldova, being politically and coercive persecuted by the captive institutions, enslaved by Vlad Plahotniuc, who deprived us of bank shares especially acquired through stock transactions, who was tracked down by the Supreme Court from London that is the beneficiary of all our properties stolen after raider attacks during the years 2010-2011.

We specify that currently all our files are at the European Court of Human Rights and international law courts. The Justice from the Netherlands had seized six months ago upon Vladimir’s assets over 70 million dollars, and soon some legal debates will be set up upon this case.

Accordingly we count further on fair justice and European independence not on a Moldavian one, which is utterly at the disposal of the criminal regime of Plahotniuc, at the disposal of his political partners within government or so called opposition.

We declare responsibly that although we support as citizens any kind of protests against discredited political class including those triggered by the Civic Platform ”Dignity and Truth”, like dozens and hundreds of people, we finally decided now and in the future not get involved in any political activities or candidate on the electoral lists.

From the Civic Platform’s “Dignity and Truth” statements we understand that it underlines its informal and non-bias statute, not claiming at the sharing of political power now and later.

So existence of any political interest is a mere speculation and insinuation.

In the context above, I Viorel Topa repeat that I am not and was not the funder of any radio or TV stations from Republic of Moldova.

As well, I- Victor Topa undertake all the time only the Jurnal TV project, unlike the magnate Plahotniuc,that owns in fact 7 radio stations with nationwide coverage from Republic of Moldova, the majority being broadcasting directly from the Russian Federation. The editorial politicy of the station is exclusive prerogative of the editorial team which I admit without any interference.

I am informing this way all the citizens of Republic of Moldova that Jurnal TV, my soul project from its launching till today had some big and irretrievable investments, in the case that the broadcasting market is severe affected by an unfair competition, piracy, lack of objective measures, monopolistic advertisement etc.

I want to highlight that Jurnal TV doesn’t have the main purpose the coverage of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” activity. The activity of the Platform, recently established just confirms the accuracy of the editorial policy of the Jurnal TV of the last 5 years.

It won’t be no reason for offense if any TV or radio stations, including those from Plahotniuc’s media empire will take part in the fairness coverage of the protests, fact that it will never happen and this makes Jurnal TV the only source for coverage of the known protests. In this way Jurnal TV became the most popular and loved TV station from Republic of Moldova thanks to its impartial criticism towards the corrupted political class, prosecution and judicial system.

Despite all the difficulties, Jurnal TV is going to serve the national interest and partially each citizen. On this way we call upon all the economic entities and people with goodwill to strengthen and support the independence of media in order to build a state of law and a society based upon European authentic values.

PS: All left is to believe in Cheianu that had the intention at least for 5 seconds to leave Jurnal TV and didn’t go to Frankfurt for negotiation of his salary.


They have robbed the Republic of Moldova for years on end and now they claim to be champions of the struggle against the Mafia. They have built financial empires using public funds and now they call on the people to take to the streets in search of the stolen billion 00.20 out of which they have taken a large chunk. 00.22 Millions, airplanes and empires. Observator. Enjoy!

Victor Topa is one of the most despicable characters of Moldova’s recent history. The damage he has caused is extremely great. And the television network that he owns forgets to report on that. And it serves the purposes of its master like a loose woman who claims to still be a virgin. Let’s take them by the numbers. The year is 2000. The Moldovan Parliament is shaken by a massive row. Victor Topa is heard by the law-making body in relation with the privatization of Air Moldova, sold to the German company Unistar Vencer. The MPs are interested in the manner under which, in great haste and in deep secrecy, Unistar Vencer has come to own 49% of the shares in Air Moldova. The manager of the State Aviation Administration, Victor Topa explained to the MPs that the takeover of the Air Moldova stock by Unistar Vencer was accomplished by an increase in the company’s assets. Which means that Unistar has added funds into the assets of Air Moldova and thus irrevocably acquired the share of stock.

Later on, according to information that emerged, it was found out that Unistar Vencer is actually in the possession of Victor Topa himself. Interestingly enough, the entire scheme looks to have been prepared since 1999 At the time, in charge of privatizing state assets was one of Topa’s friends, Vlad Filat. Without his consent and without his discretion, the transaction that involved the Air Moldova stock simply would not have been possible. But we shall return to the scheme of selling state shares into private hands.

Another thing is very interesting. What is the source of the money used by Topa to build his financial empire? Several Moldovan aiplanes have been very active in Africa, and Victor Topa, in charge of the aviaton at the time, was no stranger to this. They flew into countries where there is always an on-going armed conflict. There were several rows regarding this strange activity in countries where there simply is no currency. There, in most of the cases, trade is done in diamonds or in drugs. Accidentally or not, we discover some years later that Victor is the target of several international investigations. Alongside with several international drug barons, no less. One of the inquiests mentioned is related to laundering drug money. The name of a well-known drug baron appears right next to the Moldovan Victor Topa. This was a vast international operation named Cellmate, coordinated by the DEA from the United States and by the Belgian Federal Police, on behalf of the EU.

Is it simply a coincidence? Possibly. But nothing is accidental, especially when huge amounts of money are at stake.

So Topa, having run business in countries where only the AK submachine gun is allowed to vote, attempts to take over the assets of the Republic of Moldova. Who jumps to assist? Vlad Filat, who protects the scheme abusing the office that he holds. Another one to offer his help is Viorel Topa. The latter, at the top of the Moldovan Savings Bank (BEM), offers loans to Air Moldova. To this very day, it’s still unclear what happened to one million dollars that Viorel has transferred to Victor, using Air Moldova accounts. Most probably, that money was also part of the privatization scheme that deprived the state of its share of stock. And there is more. This transaction left Viorel Topa with a fee of USD 400.000.

In order to provide Air Moldova with a loan of USD 1.000.000, Viorel thTopa transfers in the BEM accounts USD 400.000 as collateral. The transfer is made by an offshore company named Sparks Management Corporation. Held by Topa himself. After Air Moldova obtained the loan of USD 1.000.000, the second phase of the embezzlement scheme kicks in. Knowing from the start that Air Moldova is not going to pay back the loan, Viorel Topa, as chief of BEM, writes an order that allows the offshore company owned by him to withdraw the money from the bank. Even if the money was collateral. And so, Viorel Topa gains illegaly, using fraud, an undeserved fee of USD 400.000 for a loan that he knew from the start it would not be made good on. And BEM was left without te million and without the collateral that was illegally withdrawn by Viorel Topa. In other words, the Topa brothers exchanged USD 400.000 of their own for USD 1.000.000 from the bank. Hence a criminal case that lead to Viorel Topa’s conviction, a case that they cynically refer to as a “political case”. Let’s return to Victor Topa. After he held, for a brief period, in 2001, the office of Secretary of Transportation, he is removed from office by the Communist Party. Later on, he faces criminal charges for his felonies. The file is referred to prosecutor Andrei Nastase. Now, a champion of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” (DA).

Miraculously, the prosecutor Nastase becomes the godson of the defendant. His family is moved to Frankfurt, in a house purchased by Victor Topa. And the criminal case simply disappears. Even if he was one step away from prison and only corrupting the investigators helped him get away, the despicable character who has learned his morals from his mates who ran drug cartels is far from settling down. His way of life is beyond change. It’s very relevant to this end the way in which he gained possession of some Victoria Bank shares. Victor Topa became a good manager after he extorted the stock in a Moscow hotel from the rightful share owner Galina Proidisvet, under death threats. She and three of her relatives owned 15% of the stock, in value of USD 9.000.000. “You are a granma, you have children, you have grandchildren, you must think of them.” Finally, a ruling by a commercial court, the shares were returned to the former owners. 05.28 And Victor was sentenced to a long prison term, for this almost successful racketeering. Although Topa’s actions speak for themselves, he claims to have lost the stock and to have been under criminal probing as reprisal for having spoken against Vlad Plahotniuc. Topa plays equally dirty in Germany, where he fled to escape the Moldovan justice and where he keeps plotting to this day.

In 2011, the German magazine Der Spiegel has scandalized the public opinion with a story which claims that the government airplane Theodor Heuss, used by the German chancellor Angela Merkel, was sold with the help of some Eastern-European investors to Iran. The problem was that the aircraft became part of the Iranian fleet, in breach of the European embargo imposed on Iran. Which is illegal and scandalous. More interestingly, the airplane was sold through a company registered in Gibraltar, under the name of Aero Flight Limited, whose main stock holder is Avalon Services Limited, registered in the Bahamas. The owner of Aero Flight Limited in Gibraltar is none other than Victor Topa. It’s interesting how the same company, Aero Flight Limited, was also the owner of Victoria Aircraft Lease, where Vitor Topa and Vladimir Orsovschi were once managers. This company later rebranded as German Medical Diagnostic GmbH, owned by the German Diagnose Centre. And now, back to the privatization scheme for Air Moldova. Suspiciously similar to it is the way in which the Republic of Moldova has lost its shares at the Savings Bank in 2013. It was all done in the same manner, by an increase in capital. Our heroes used a method that proved fruitful thanks to the actions of Topa and Filat since 2000. As we said before, nothing is accidental when big money is at stake. Both the heist at Air Moldova and the fraud at BEM occurred under instable political conditions. In both cases, Filat was holding key-positions that allowed him to cover-up these wrong-doings. In both cases, the cabinets were about to be sacked and they were all stealing as much as they could in the final lap, to make up for whatever they missed during their mandates.

Even more, reliable sources withing the Liberal-Democratic Party have confirmed for Observator that the Alliance dissolved in 2013 namely at the initiative of Victor Topa. He convinced Filat that he was able to win a political battle. A battle that generated chaos and under chaos, stealing becomes a lot easier. Filat’s visit to Frankfurt is also no accident, on April 1st 2015. Even his meeting with his old partner in crime is no accident, and Filat even takes pride in their relationship. He admitted it live, on television. I had no idea that I was being followed during by trips abroad, In can only say one thing, I never stopped communicating with certain people. Including – very seldom, but we did communicate – with Mr. Victor Topa. And I see nothing wrong with this. A partner that takes people to the streets and directs the crowd where he needs it, with the help of his godsons and of some political analysts.

Who have recently become owners of several flats, as a reward for their performance in the square. It’s cynical to say the least the way these two send the protesters outin search of the stolen billionto the square, where there is no trace of the billion. And, in this case, it’s the thief who is crying out “Catch the thief!” The financial empire built by Victor Topa has many resources. What are the old friends up to this time, only they know.

All we can do is wait and become once more the witnesses of more cynical schemes, devised and implemented by characters who have long lost their good and who live by their own laws. Laws under which the common people are nothing but a source of income. It’s a shame that Jurnat TV, a network built with money from Topa’s so-called business, is not going to give us a heads-up as to what their boss is planning. (singing) Come home, return home, children!



Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator have gained possession of the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of the meeting held between Filat and Țopa on April the 1st 2015, in Frankfurt. There, they discussed the purchase of Jurnal Trust Media and they laid out a strategy for the actions to be undertaken by the DA Platform, whose strings are pulled by the fugitive millionaires Victor and Viorel Țopa.

The photos published below prove clearly that the two have met up: after a quick chat in the Villa Kennedy Hotel in Frankfurt, Victor Țopa andVlad Filat leave the building one after another.

Just a quick reminder: Moldova 24 was the first to publish such information, about the said encounter between Victor Țopa and Vlad Filat, when they struck a deal for the sale of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat and also in regard to the future actions of the DA Platform. It was all revealed in our programme, Observator, hosted by Gabriel Călin, a reputed journalist. The disclosures raised controversy and prompted criticism aimed at Moldova24 from the people controlled by Țopa within the rather cynical so-called Civic Platform DA.

But let’s observe the evidence.


Photos 1 and 2. At 13:38 local time, VictorȚopa exits Villa Kennedy Hotel and heads towards a cab parked outside.

3 4 5

Photos 3, 4 and 5. At 13:39, Filat leaves the same hotel, flanked by security guards, as Victor Țopa was already waiting on the back seat of the cab.


Photos 6 – Filat takes his security agent and hops aboard a Mercedes Benz S-Klasse, registration plates AF 9369, heading for the airport.

Thus, Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator have proved yet again that the information we published initially comes from reliable sources and cannot be refuted. Meanwhile, the pictures above fill out the gaps in the puzzle and prove once more that the Civic Platform DA is controlled by liars, who have denied the information we published. Let’s review what actually happened:

  1. On April the 1st 2015, Vlad Filat flies into Frankfurt aboard the charter plane registered as OK-XLS, on a route code-named USA 711/712, and upon arrival he meets up with Victor Țopa.
  2. During the said meeting, they discuss the sale of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat.
  3. At the same time, they plan ahead for the DA Platform’s future actions and they negotiate a manner in which to steer the anger of the protesters away from Vlad Filat and onto other political figures in Moldova. Sort of a lightning rod meant to shield Filat when the lightning strikes.
  4. In Frankfurt, in the exact time-frame, a certain Andrei Năstase was present. He is the godson of Țopa and he is also acting as leader of the DA Platform. After having received new orders from Țopa, he returns to Chișinău onApril 2nd. Here, with the aid of his brother, Vasile, they start to implement the instructions given by Țopa and Filat using the former Christian-Democrats who are now members of DA.
  5. The DA Platform holds a rally on April the 5th. The pro-unionists are no longer allowed to take the floor and speak to the crowd, as well as other organizations that no longer suit the needs of the Liberal-Democrat leader, Filat.
  6. Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish information regarding the secret meeting of Filat and Țopa.
  7. In order to mitigate the media impact of our disclosures, that discredit Filat and the DA Platform, the Liberal-Democrat decides to sacrifice prime-minister Gaburici and force him to sign a petitiondemanding the resignation of the General Prosecutor and of the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova. The effect of such a move is very much noticeable now, as the resignation of Gaburici ushered in a new political crisis, a very dangerous one, considering the fact that Russia is again very close to obtaining an overwhelming influence in Moldova.
  8. The DA Plaform announces, during another rally held on June the 7th, that it aims to become a political movement, thus confirming once again that the scheme described by Observator was accurate.
  9. Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish the evidence that sheds light on the entire plot and leaves no room for interpretation: Vlad Filat is waging war again. A war on the very citizens of his own country!

Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator kindly invite you to watch one more time the three episodes of the programme hosted by GabrielCălin, in order to see for yourselves again that all we have published was put out with Dignity and for the sake of Truth.

PLDM Parlament

The PLDM candidate for mayor of the Izbiste village, district Criuleni, Ivan Plămădeală, together with the Vice President of the district Criuleni, Malai, urge people to go to the DA protest in the PMAN Square.

We remember that earlier Moldova24 wrote about Filat’s flight to Frankfurt on April 1st, but also about Andrei Nastase’s (DA leader) flight, where they would have a meeting with the Topa millionaires, those who stay behind the DA Platform. In this meeting the transaction was adjusted after which JurnalTV passed into the PLDM leader’s pocket.

Likewise, we remind you that Moldova24 also wrote about that platform to be transformed into a political party, which was announced today from the meeting’s tribune. According to information in our possession, the party controlled by the Topas is supposed to act as a lightning rod for Filat and to direct the people’s discontent from the most corrupt party to other political actors.



Frankfurt am Main, a city where the fate of the Republic of Moldova is being laid out. A town where Vlad Filat flies in with charter planes that cost dozens of thousands of Euros. A city where deals are struck to transfer media holdings in Chisinau and to hijack the thousands of people gathered in the Great National Assembly Square. A city of many stories, with Moldovan characters, just like in the fairy tales.

After having revealed information about Vlad Filat’s flight on April the 1st 2015 in Frankfurt and about his meeting with the Topa brothers, the Platform leaders and some TV clowns who are on the Topa family payroll have charged furiously Moldova24, the Observator and personally myself, the author of this programme, Gabriel Calin.

On social networks, the Topa millionaire, his attorney, Nastase, and other Platform leaders claim that the information is nothing short of hallucinations, meant to derail and to discredit the actions performed by DA on June the 7th. Moldova24 has come into the possession of certain important information in the media inquest regarding April th 1st in Frankfurt. This information should prompt many people to think, especially those who support the idea of purging the country of oligarchs, of reclaiming the country and of retrieving the stolen billion. Let it be clear from the start. We, at Moldova24, are among those who support these claims. This is why we attempt to find out what the truth is. This will prevent us from being governed by people who lack any dignity.

So, on April the 1st, on a plane OK-XLS, on a charter route USA 711 712, Vlad Filat flew into Frankfurt. All this can be verified easily by the Border Police. According to our information, Filat met with the Topa millionaires in Frankfurt and there they agreed to transfer Jurnal TV to Filat. They also discussed some details related to the DA Platform, which the millionaires influence via their accolites, the Nastase brothers. The person who challenged the most these information and actually recommended that I see a psychiatrist, after accusing me of being sold to the highest bidder, is the attorney Andrei Nastase. Possibly, because he was afraid that the media would reveal information about another journey. This once, a journey that was undertaken by himself. Pay attention! On March the 27th, Andrei Nastase flies to Bucharest. The problem is that he returns on April the 2nd from Frankfurt.

Thus, on April the 1st, while Vlad Filat was in Frankfurt, the attorney Nastase was also there. Is it an accident or is it not? Let’s suppose it’s not, especially since for a transaction involving Jurnal TV would have needed their trusted family lawyer to be present. They probably needed him to come and receive new orders about the DA Platform. Instructions in which someone else had something to say, a certain yours truly that happened to be in Frankfurt. The people who take to the streets in support of the DA Platform have a right to know the truth about it. This is why it’s only fair to offer them the truth. Just like the state who was taken hostage by oligarchs, namely Moldova, cannot offer a credible inquest, we are left with no choice but to request of the MPs that are still honest – provided that we still have some – to ask for the needed answers from the Border Police and from the airlines.

In order to find out the details about the flights taken by our characters. And, in order to hasten up the process of digging up the truth, the DA leaders may wish to undertake a polygraph test. The lie detector may offer us straight answers to the following questions. Are there connections between the DA Platform and the Topa millionaires? Have the DA leaders met up with Filat and Topa in Frankfurt? Was there or was there not a transaction regarding Jurnal Trust Media? Is it true that the DA Platform was meant from the start to launch or to create a political party? Are some of the DA leaders being financed by the Topa millionaires, by other dodgy characters or by foreign governments?

Show that you have dignity and offer the truth, dear leaders of the DA Civic Platform! The polygraph test will spare you any future criticism. And the people in the square will know for sure that you will not betray them, like you did in 2004 and in 2009.



The Topas’ and Nastases’ despair demonstrates these days what interests are behind the protests organized in the center of the capital, where people participate that still believe in change. But eventually the DA Platform was smashed and the informal leader of the Coalition was moved to the reserve bench, without any right to repeal. In short, he was silenced.

The DA Platform began as a civic protest against those who came to government, but later this platform began to be hundred percent controlled by the Topas’ people, which promised a media coverage and a mobilization to those who watch TV. The DA Movement has slightly slipped towards the Topas, and now we see it has been completely privatized. Worse is that there have remained people that seem to have been brainwashed, devoted to Victor’s and Viorel’s Topa interests, the fugitives convicted in the Republic of Moldova.

Botan, the one who from the beginning came out and claimed himself as a leader of the Movement, remained somewhere on a chair in the waiting room, where he is no more heard and no longer seen. The Topas wanted to make him a new Mocanu, smarter and thrifty, but it did not work. Perhaps they wanted something else from the political analyst, but he could not offer them just what they wanted. So, the Topas got rid of him; then they have privatized the activity of a protester.

Eventually, as I wrote in another article, in Moldova was compromised even what a protest means. Something honest had started against Plahotniuc and Filat, and now it has come to a crazy internal fight to form a party of the DA Movement and Nastas to be its president.
Is this thing desired by the protesters? For this are they gathering, to create a party for the Topas? I guess not!

In fact, tomorrow people should be protesting also against the Topas, not only the Vlads, because they tried the exchanging of the oligarchs, and nothing else. That is what the ones who are moving the DA platform want, unfortunately.

They have shown great interest for power, including when they chased away the unionists from the PMAN Square at the Topas’ request. They said they do not need the Union with Romania, but a united Moldavian nation, not a Romanian one. It is clear, the Nastases and Topas want to overthrow the power, they want to climb on soft seats, to steal how they know better, then to forget about all the protesters.
Shortly, they do not want the good for the country, but only for themselves.

Who will you be, if you go to protest for the Topas and Nastases?

You’ll be the same fool that also protested for Vlad Filat. You wanted to be better, to be in the EU, but anyway you got under the plinth. It’s a shame to make yourself silly now, dear protester. You would better stay at home, create a party in the back of the garden with the headquarters in the toilet and ease yourself there, only for you, not for others’ benefit. Don’t you see that someone tries to use you and to draw personal benefits from it?
The source: / Corneliu Gandrabur