ŢOPA runs away from his own words. Instead of presenting the dossier, he publishes an appeal signed by DA leader Nastase

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Although, initially, he was willing to publish the copies of the whole file, after which he was convicted, the former head of the BEM, Viorel Topa, a partner with Victor Topa, made a reverse. He writes in one of his Facebook posts that the 1500 pages of the file are too many and therefore he decides to publish only the first 5 pages. It is worth mentioning that those 5 pages are nothing but the appeal of the Topa’s lawyer, Andrei Nastase, an appeal that shows that his client does not plead guilty and tries to bring evidence in favor of his position. The appeal itself is nothing more than that. Here is what was Viorel Topa declared after the OBSERVATOR show appeared:


Now he has muffled the earlier starts in himself and decided to publish only the part of the dossier that suits him – his position, of the convict, represented by the current leader of the DA Movement, the lawyer Andrei Nastase, concurrently/part-time Victor Topa’s fine of marriage – chums with Vlad Filat. Perhaps the switch changing came after Gabriel Calin’s article // AN ANSWER FOR THE TOPAS, where I even insisted that the entire file to be published, because it could be that we will find new interesting details in there. The fact is that Viorel Topa decided to anoint our eyes and to flee from his own words. Viorel Topa: I do not want to abuse with attention attracted to my person – it’s enough that Plohotniuk’s ferrets do that – but many people asked me to publish documents about the fabricated file, and I really have nothing to hide. Because 5 volumes and over 1,500 pages are a lot, I decided to begin with the first five pages of the appeal to the Supreme Court of Justice in 2012, from which you will see how to FABRICATE A CRIMINAL CASE ON NO GROUNDS. It’s more for the archive, because inevitably later we will come back to these documents. Total transparency is the most trustworthy ally.


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