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I must admit that he has a rare gift of turning people into prostitutes.

The furious reaction of the clowns hired by Victor Topa proves yet again that the Observator is on the right track. Because it proves to be a pain in the neck. Things about which people keep quiet or know very little. Observator. Enjoy!

Our programs are a pest for some, because they foil the plans of our friends in Frankfurt, which, with the help of Vlad Filat and several other political players, have laid the foundations of Europe’s most corrupt state. The schemes that they have implemented are operational even to this day. Today, you will learn more about the manner in which Filat’s partners and friends have gained possession of Jurnal. You will also witness the solid connections between Filat and the Topa brothers. Connections that will never disappear, because money is at the centre of it all. Loads of money.

The year is 1999. After resigning from Flux, a publication owned by Iurie Rosca, Val Butnaru and Victor Gurau start up a weekly magazine called Jurnal de Chisinau. The newspaper soon proves successful. The public needed an independent and reliable source of information. The paper published by Butnaru and Gurau sold like hot cakes, and the people believed in every letter printed by the editors of the new publication. At the same time, a team of younginsatiable opportunists, who had gained political power thanks to former president Petru Lucinschi are starting to take care of business. Among these, our already known characters: Filat and the Topa brothers.

Some of them were in charge of the aviation and of the Savings Bank of Moldova, others had privatizations and finance in their pockets. Some were the crack squad, created by Petru Lucinschi. So, after a couple of fraudulent schemes of cigarette smuggling to Romania, achieved through Romold SRL, a company founded by the government-backed team loyal to Lucinschi, the aspiring young ones decide it was high time they took over the entire tobacco market.

In order to achieve their goals, Vlad Filat and his mates needed to assume command of Tutun CTC. Our friends needed a good reason and a massive row in order to succeed. Thus, Filat calls Victor Topa, of whom he asks to hasten up the process. Topa, who had the influence and the needed connections, decides to manipulate the public opinion using Jurnal de Chisinau, where he places several sponsored articles regarding the tobacco market. It is well known that I and Val Butnaru have started up Jurnal in 1999. Immediately after, I noted that there were certain connections between Val Butnaru and certain business people, who were ordering certain “services”. These services meant ordered articles.

Finally, at the top of Tutun CTC comes a person loyal to them, the nephew of general Mishin, a general who later paid back his debt to Filat, for the tobacco plant. He did so by leaving his party with a group of Communists. Up next, we have something that the media has kept quiet until now. This is something that is sure to get you wondering. It’s the take-over of Jurnal de Chisinau by Victor Topa. The question regarding the take-over of Jurnal cannot be analyzed only in the context of the newspaper itself. It’s a bit more complex than this. A certain string of events lead in those days to the assuming of control by Victor Topa. I must stress that it was Victor Topa. Practically, Jurnal de Chisinau, as a unique independent media enterprise.

In his spare time left by the weapons trading in Africa and the embezzlement of bank money, Victor Topa was minding his own aviation business. Thanks to the office that he held, he was responsible of the first ever renewal of the Chisinau International Airport. In those days, a company owned by Victor Gurau also had operations there. According to him, everyone who did business there would have to chip in by 10% of their turnover. Straight into the pockets of Topa. But Gurau refused to pay up.

I was part of the reconstruction effort of the Chisinau International Airport, running an enterprise which built the thermal plant and the heating system in general. I had no idea that I was being under such scrutiny and that a hefty sum had been calculated for me to pay up-front to you know whom. I had to leave the Republic of Moldova, Jurnal de Chisinau was acting autonomously, all fine and well 04.49 until the time when Victor and Viorel Topa were relieved from office.

In 2003 Victor Topa and Viorel Topa are removed from office. The godson of Victor Gurau is appointed in charge of Air Moldova and the Topa Brothers began to lose grip on the aviation industry and especially on the international flight corridors. They decide to build up the pressure on Gurau’s relative, who was hindering their scheme to take over the Air Moldova flights to Frankfurt. My godson, Dorin Chinciuc, was appointed general manager of Air Moldova. He was being pressured, and in a very tough manner, too, so as the new management would not jeopardize the fraudulent schemes that were persisting within the company. And not only in that company. Because it is well-known that a conflict had emerged and it had international ramifications. Namely, it had to do with the route from Frankfurt to Chisinau, and it involved a contract with a subsidiary company – supposed subsidiary of Dresden Bank.

In fact, behind that company there was the same old Victor Topa. As he was aiming to protect his godson, in 2003, Gurau has a serious talk with Victor Topa. 06.16 Topa promises to let them off the hook only after Gurau surrenders his share of stock in Jurnal de Chisinau and he also pays up the money he had previously refused to pay up to the same Topa.

So, at the time of our discussion, we raised the question of our boys being pressured, the question about the sums of money that I was supposed to owe as a result of running some contracts with my enterprise and also we discussed the surrendering of 50% of the ownership rights for Jurnal de Chisinau. My wife was registered as one of the founders but, of course, I was in charge of the day-to-day management.

And, together with Val Butnaru, we went to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and we registered – sorry, correction, we went to the Registrar’s office belonging to the Justice Department, and we transferred the 50% to Val Butnaru Obviously, Val Butnaru was the missing link between Victor Topa and Viorel Topa, because, in our discussions with Victor Topa, a sum of money that was supposed to be received as compensation by my family was put on Victor Topa’s tab.

So, it is well-known that they were working together. In such a manner, under the circumstances of that time, and thus Victor Topa became the key-figure in the subsequent creation of the Jurnal Trust Media Holding. And this was in?… This was in 2003. And this way, Gurau is stripped of his shares in Jurnal de Chisinau and Topa, with the help of Val Butnaru, gains possession of the stock. Through blackmail and threats. Topa had had his eye on Jurnal ever since he had witnessed the true power of the media. He was fully convinced when he placed the first sponsored articles related to the tobacco industry and to the so-called “Filat’s Cigarette” Operation. So, the story of Topa the investor, who only helped Butnaru out, is only a myth. One that is busted by the facts exposed by Gurau. Here is how Topa’s clowns now try to explain the existence of Jurnal TV.

Of all the Moldovans with businesses worth millions, of all the Moldovans robbed by Plahotniuc, Victor Topa was the only person who decided to finance a television network. Not to steal it, like Plahotniuc stole four of them, but to finance it totally, to start it up from scratch. And at this network, I and Anatol had the chance to work since its inception and until the present day, feeling that we are the freest journalists and the freest persons in the country. In fact, nothing is further from the truth. Jurnal TV was build on the foundation of Jurnal de Chisinau. It was taken by force from Victor Gurau. Just like in the case of Galina Proidisvet’s shares in Victoria Bank.

Were there any death threats or physical injury threats aimed at you? Let’s say so… “You’re a grandmother, you have children and grandchildren, think about them.” Was this the message? If you can recall, at the beginning, just as Jurnal TV was starting to go on air, the enterprise was announced as a German investment. Knowing that the media would be all over them for their prior schemes, the Topa brothers decide to conceal the fact that they were actually the founders of the new network. How much confidence can one have in a network that withholds its true ownership, because it may put it to shame, and that was made to reveal its true masters ony after it became way too obvious whose interests are being actually promoted? But keep in mind that these owners have at one point been in charge with the aviation industry and the Savings Bank of Moldova. They governed the country with Vlad Filat. They were and they still are in a lot of dodgy business with him. They have taken weapons to Africa, they are targeted by a massive inquest related to laundering drug money from international traffickers, they are ex-business partners with Vlad Plahotniuc and they are sentenced to long prison terms for embezzlement and blackmail.

And now, they want back. For this, they are using Jurnal TV, which is nothing more than a guerrilla network, built with stolen money. 10.31 And meant to promote their interests and to make them look like angels. Whenever the clowns hired by the Topa brothers tell you stories about their owners, clean as a whistle, it’s worth remembering one thing. That even Jurnal TV, theholiest of holies of this Mafia clan was taken by force, through pressure and blackmail. And Filat was also around, as usual. And he will always be around whenever a new corruption scheme needs to be implemented.

I am Gabriel Calin, we shall see each other soon, for a new edition of Observator. We promise to return to this topic any time need be, in order to rule out any speculations. And we reassure you, like we did countless times before, that we are only going to serve the truth, and not the lie.



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