Filat CONFIRMS that he had met with Victor Topa in Frankfurt


Leader of LDP of Moldova, Vlad Filat recognized within the show “Power, the Fourth” on N4, that he had met with Victor Topa in Frankfurt, confirming once again that information held by Moldova24 are reliable.

“I travel a lot. I go to many cities; I am meeting with many people. Conspiracy theories, these photos far taken, I didn’t know that I was followed, including in my travels outside. I can tell you one thing, I didn’t stop communicating with certain people,I communicated very rarely with Mr. Victor Topa. And I see nothing wrong with that. That does not mean that it has to do with Jurnal TV, etc. How about Jurnal TV, everyone who is watching it knows that I am the most criticized there,” said Filat.

Filat avoided saying if he has any connection with the DA Platform: “the Platform wants my head; others say that I am behind the Platform. I am not behind anyone”, Filat said evasively. “Various scenes, photos had a well-determined purpose: to deflect topics and also create communication difficulties, in my case between me, our party and the Liberals. When the same protests took place PL’s and the DA’s Platform”.

A quick reminder: Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator had gained possession of the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of the meeting held between Filat and Țopa on April,1st 2015, in Frankfurt whereby it was discussed the purchase of Jurnal Trust Media and the DA Platform’s way of actions, guided from shadow by the fugitives millionaires Victor and Viorel Țopa.

The set of photos below published demonstrate clearly that the two ones had met: after a quick chat in the Villa Kennedy Hotel in Frankfurt, Victor Țopa andVlad Filat leave the building one after another.

Just a quick reminder: the information was first revealed within the OBSERTVATOR Show hosted by Gabriel Calin on Moldova24 about the so-called encounter between Victor Țopa and Vlad Filat, whereby they struck a bargain about the selling of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat and also regarding the future actions of the DA Platform. The disclosure raised controversy and stirred tough criticism from the Topas’ people of the “cynical” DA Platform

But let’s analyze the evidence:


Photos 1 and 2. At 13:38 local time, Victor Țopa exits Villa Kennedy Hotel and heads towards a cab parked outside.

3 4 5

Photos 3, 4 and 5. At 13:39, Filat leaves the same hotel, flanked by security guards, as Victor Țopa was already waiting on the back seat of the cab.


Photos 6 – Filat takes his security bodyguard and hops in a Mercedes Benz S-Klasse, with AF 9369 registration platen, going to the airport

Thus Moldova24, LiveNews and the Observator Show had once again demonstrated that the information we publish are from reliable sources and cannot be put into question.

Meanwhile the photos above fill out the puzzle and demonstrate once again that the Civic DA Platform is run by liars who denied everything we published.

Let’s review of everything what happened:

On April the 1st 2015, Vlad Filat flies to Frankfurt with the charter route USA 711/712 and with airplane under registered number ok-xls where he meets with Victor Țopa.

Within this meeting, they discuss the sale of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat.

Meanwhile they mastermind the further actions of the DA Platform and negotiate the peculation of the protesters’ anger from Vlad Filat onto other political figures in Moldova. Sort of a lightning meant to shield Filat from the lightning strikes.

In Frankfurt, in the exact time-frame, a certain Andrei Năstase was present, the godson of Țopa who is also acting as leader of the DA Platform and after having received new orders from Țopa, he returns to Chișinău on April, 2nd. Together with his brother, Vasile, they start to implement the instructions given by Țopa and Filat using the former Christian-Democrats who are now members of DA.

The DA Platform holds a mitting on April the 5th. The pro-unionists are no longer allowed to take the floor and speak to the crowd, as well as other organizations that no longer suit the needs of the Liberal-Democrat leader, Filat.

Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish information regarding the secret meeting of Filat and Țopa.

In order to mitigate the media impact of our disclosures, that discredit Filat and the DA Platform, Vlad Filat decided last Saturday to sacrifice the prime-minister Gaburici and force him to sign a petition demanding the resignation of the General Prosecutor and the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova. The effect of such a move you could see today – after the Gaburici’s resignation, the country enters into a new political crisis, a very dangerous one, considering the fact that Russia is again very close to obtaining an overwhelming influence in Moldova.

The DA Plaform announces, during another mitting held on June the 7th that becomes a political movement, confirming once again that the scheme described by Observator was accurate.

Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish the evidence that light into the entire plot and leaves no room for interpretation: Vlad Filat is waging again the war. A war against the citizens of his own country!

Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator kindly invite you to watch one more time the three episodes of the show hosted by GabrielCălin, in order to convince yourselves again that all we had published was done with Dignity and for the sake of Truth.





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