ТЫ НЕ ПОВЕРИШЬ! Cкунс в шоке! (You won’t believe it! The skunk is in shock!)

Topa si prietenii

Imagine for a moment that you are the owner of a trust media. Just like Topa, Plahatniuc and Filat. It’s complicated I know, but concentrate.

Now that you have all the strings to dictate de editorial politicy of a trust, imagine that it doesn’t make money. You have to take out money to provide for it.

So to revise: you have a trust media that you support from your own money, and the trust declares itself a fair-minded one, politically unaffiliated and that doesn’t serve your own interests.

Now explain me why do you need such a trust?

Ok, this is a more complicated question and I don’t wait for an answer now.

Here is another question that you can answer. Especially that is about an actual instance – Jurnal Trust Media.
Jurnal Sponsor

Don’t you see anything suspect? NO?!

If you don’t, I will tell you what seems suspect to me.

A Trust Media without an income promotes from its own money, absolutely ‘detached’-  the event of a political movement that says that has no business with it. Weird, right?

To me, it will also be weird, if I have not written and brought evidence till now about the fact that the DA Platform and Jurnal TV are run by the same owner.

The same question: if we expel everything that had been written about the DA Platform, Jurnal TV and Topas, what is the logic to promote with your own money an event of a political movement that you have no deal with? I am not saying about the TV promotion (in house), but the external promotion, that you pay with real money?

Another question: who pays? The Jurnal TV? Or the DA Platform? If so, who transferred the money into the Jurnal TV account? I won’t be surprised if the DA Platform administrates directly the bank account of the DA Platform…Both Facebook account and the baking one.

Finally, someone was saying that can offer data about the Platform expenses that lives…from air(planes). There could be a small problem, a problem in the financial report. Or the sources from the money laundering of the drug dealers are more complicated to justify.

I still think Cheianu has to make another getaway to Frankfurt, after he was assured by Topa that Filat didn’t buy the Jurnal TV (and just after a couple of days Jurnal TV and Unimedia were singing in unison), to be assured that even the DA Platform has nothing to do with the Topas. After that, these assurances are to serve in the TV Shows „mai pe scurtătură”, „cabinetul din umbra țopilor” or „ora de lins”.

Skunk is in shock!

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