YES, Vlad Filat. Episode 2 (VIDEO)


Frankfurt am Main, a city where the fate of the Republic of Moldova is being laid out. A town where Vlad Filat flies in with charter planes that cost dozens of thousands of Euros. A city where deals are struck to transfer media holdings in Chisinau and to hijack the thousands of people gathered in the Great National Assembly Square. A city of many stories, with Moldovan characters, just like in the fairy tales.

After having revealed information about Vlad Filat’s flight on April the 1st 2015 in Frankfurt and about his meeting with the Topa brothers, the Platform leaders and some TV clowns who are on the Topa family payroll have charged furiously Moldova24, the Observator and personally myself, the author of this programme, Gabriel Calin.

On social networks, the Topa millionaire, his attorney, Nastase, and other Platform leaders claim that the information is nothing short of hallucinations, meant to derail and to discredit the actions performed by DA on June the 7th. Moldova24 has come into the possession of certain important information in the media inquest regarding April th 1st in Frankfurt. This information should prompt many people to think, especially those who support the idea of purging the country of oligarchs, of reclaiming the country and of retrieving the stolen billion. Let it be clear from the start. We, at Moldova24, are among those who support these claims. This is why we attempt to find out what the truth is. This will prevent us from being governed by people who lack any dignity.

So, on April the 1st, on a plane OK-XLS, on a charter route USA 711 712, Vlad Filat flew into Frankfurt. All this can be verified easily by the Border Police. According to our information, Filat met with the Topa millionaires in Frankfurt and there they agreed to transfer Jurnal TV to Filat. They also discussed some details related to the DA Platform, which the millionaires influence via their accolites, the Nastase brothers. The person who challenged the most these information and actually recommended that I see a psychiatrist, after accusing me of being sold to the highest bidder, is the attorney Andrei Nastase. Possibly, because he was afraid that the media would reveal information about another journey. This once, a journey that was undertaken by himself. Pay attention! On March the 27th, Andrei Nastase flies to Bucharest. The problem is that he returns on April the 2nd from Frankfurt.

Thus, on April the 1st, while Vlad Filat was in Frankfurt, the attorney Nastase was also there. Is it an accident or is it not? Let’s suppose it’s not, especially since for a transaction involving Jurnal TV would have needed their trusted family lawyer to be present. They probably needed him to come and receive new orders about the DA Platform. Instructions in which someone else had something to say, a certain yours truly that happened to be in Frankfurt. The people who take to the streets in support of the DA Platform have a right to know the truth about it. This is why it’s only fair to offer them the truth. Just like the state who was taken hostage by oligarchs, namely Moldova, cannot offer a credible inquest, we are left with no choice but to request of the MPs that are still honest – provided that we still have some – to ask for the needed answers from the Border Police and from the airlines.

In order to find out the details about the flights taken by our characters. And, in order to hasten up the process of digging up the truth, the DA leaders may wish to undertake a polygraph test. The lie detector may offer us straight answers to the following questions. Are there connections between the DA Platform and the Topa millionaires? Have the DA leaders met up with Filat and Topa in Frankfurt? Was there or was there not a transaction regarding Jurnal Trust Media? Is it true that the DA Platform was meant from the start to launch or to create a political party? Are some of the DA leaders being financed by the Topa millionaires, by other dodgy characters or by foreign governments?

Show that you have dignity and offer the truth, dear leaders of the DA Civic Platform! The polygraph test will spare you any future criticism. And the people in the square will know for sure that you will not betray them, like you did in 2004 and in 2009.


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