Viorel Topa babbles and joins into an open fight with LP! He is the man behind the Sunday’s “protest”!


The disagreements between the leaders of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” (DA) and the Liberal Party seem to intensify. An evidence of this can be a letter, signed yesterday by the Liberal leader Mihai Ghimpu whereby the interim mayor, Nestor Grozavu, was asked to allow the access and the parking of truck trailers in the Great National Assembly Square on Sunday, June 7th in the same day when the DA Platform planned to go off another large mitting in the capital. Today, the City Hall approved the Liberals’ request.

A photocopy of this letter was published on Viorel’s Topa Facebook account, an old opponent of DP’s first vice-president Vlad Plahotniuc and one of the supposed owners of the Jurnal TV television.


The commentary accompanying this photocopy, Topa did not hesitate to accuse Ghimpu being partaker with Plahotniuc, in order to baffle the mitting.

In this context, we must remember that the leaders of the DA deny persistently that Viorel Topa as well as his business partner, Victor Topa, refugees now in Germany, had anything to do with the DA and that they could not exert any influence on members of the Platform. Statements regarding this matter were made last night during the TV Show “Interpol”, Andrei Nastase – the lawyer of the two Topas and also one of the best known activists of DA Platform.

Also today became clear the fact that Andrei Nastase and Victor Topa are business partners, and both are the co-founders of a million dollars aviation company from Germany. The information accompanied by a screen capture is to be confirmed, was broadcasted on the Moldova24. info portal.

We recall that on Sunday, the DA announces a large mitting in the capital. The same day, just an hour earlier, the Liberal Party is planning a meeting with the voters. Both organizers have requested authorization for the Square event, except that the right to precedence has the LP, as it first filed. Therefore, DA Platform leaders had changed the place alongside the Square, choosing the Cathedral Square. I have pointed out, however, that the mitting’s participants would be too many to fit in there, so it will reach the Square anyway.



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