vicvioo published Victor’s and Viorel’s Topa statement, appeared most likely after Moldova24 had published a series of materials about the encounter of Victor Topa with Vlad Filat in Frankfurt, where they struke a bargain concerning the selling of the Jurnal TV to the leader of the PLDM. Our journalists have determined the connection between Topa and the DA Platform through Nastase brothers.

We publish below the full statement hoping that you – the readers will find in the text any reference to the meeting in Frankfurt or the fact that Andrei Nastase is the godson of Victor Topa. Or, otherwise, the statement is just eyewash, meant somehow to wash away the DA Platform image, badly stained after our disclosures.

Lately to draw away the attention of the public opinion from the major problems of Moldova – the theft of the billion, subservient justice, the state being captured by a criminal political group which caused the discontent of the citizens; monopolistic media, affiliated especially with Vlad Plahotniuc – the oligarch suited by Interpol, set off an attack without precedent against us, blaming for all the worse.

With this sequence of ideas we come to affirm on our own liability and responsibility the followings: Victor and Viorel Topa – we don’t have any kinship degree both natural or through alliance.

We are not involved or have any contact with the emergence and establishment of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth”. We didn’t fund and will not fund the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” from the simple reason that the members of the group of initiative had declared overtly that didn’t accept any kinds of funding and they are responsible of all the expenses.

For almost 5 years, we had to leave Moldova, being politically and coercive persecuted by the captive institutions, enslaved by Vlad Plahotniuc, who deprived us of bank shares especially acquired through stock transactions, who was tracked down by the Supreme Court from London that is the beneficiary of all our properties stolen after raider attacks during the years 2010-2011.

We specify that currently all our files are at the European Court of Human Rights and international law courts. The Justice from the Netherlands had seized six months ago upon Vladimir’s assets over 70 million dollars, and soon some legal debates will be set up upon this case.

Accordingly we count further on fair justice and European independence not on a Moldavian one, which is utterly at the disposal of Plahotniuc’s criminal regime, at the disposal of his political partners within government or so called opposition.

We declare responsibly that although we support as citizens any kind of protests against discredited political class including those triggered by the Civic Platform ”Dignity and Truth”, like dozens and hundreds of people, we finally decided now and in the future not get involved in any political activities or candidate on the electoral lists.

From the Civic Platform’s “Dignity and Truth” statements we understand that it underlines its informal and non-bias statute, not claiming at the sharing of political power now and later.

So existence of any political interest is a mere speculation and insinuation.

In the context above, I Viorel Topa repeat that I am not and was not the funder of any radio or TV stations from Republic of Moldova.

As well, I- Victor Topa undertake all the time only the Jurnal TV project, unlike the magnate Plahotniuc,that owns in fact 7 radio stations with nationwide coverage from Republic of Moldova, the majority being broadcasting directly from Russian Federation. The editorial policy of the station is exclusive prerogative of the editorial team which I admit without any interference.

I am informing this way all the citizens of Republic of Moldova that Jurnal TV, my soul project from its launching till today had some big and irretrievable investments, in the case that the broadcasting market is severe affected by an unfair competition, piracy, lack of objective measures, monopolistic advertisement etc.

I want to highlight that Jurnal TV doesn’t have the main purpose the coverage of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” activity. The activity of the Platform, recently established, just confirms the accuracy of the editorial policy of the Jurnal TV of the last 5 years.

It won’t be no reason for offense if any TV or radio stations, including those from Plahotniuc’s media empire will take part in the fairness coverage of the protests, fact that it will never happen and this makes Jurnal TV the only source for coverage of the known protests. In this way Jurnal TV became the most popular and loved TV station from Republic of Moldova thanks to its impartial criticism towards the corrupted political class, prosecution and judicial system.

Despite all the difficulties, Jurnal TV is going to serve the national interest and partially each citizen’s. On this way we call upon all the economic entities and people with goodwill to strengthen and support the independence of media in order to build a state of law and a society based upon European authentic values.


Victor Ţopa, Viorel Ţopa,

June 2015, Germany

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