THE RIGHT TO A REPLY // The Advocate Nastase’s answers


After which Moldova24 published several revelations about the activity of some leaders of the Civic Platform Dignity and Truth, but also about Vlad Filat’s flight to Frankfurt on 1st April where he would have negotiated the purchase of Jurnal TV, the lawyer Andrei Nastase has made several statements on the Facebook network. We publish all of these replies without interfering in their contents.

Andrei Nastase, the businesspersons Topas’s lawyer.


Gabriel Calin if I have even a share or a quota in any foreign or Moldovan company, I give it to you.


Calin, please do a little exercise, to read what is on the document that you have found probably in a German public register. “Prokuristen” from German even on the moon is the holder of a mandate/procuration due to which as a lawyer or simply representative you act to defend the interests of a natural/physical or legal person that you are representing.

Calin, his request is, honestly, improper for a communication with me. Last time when I was in Frankfurt, Calin, was on Saturday, May 25, in my displacement to the Diaspora from Paris. Moreover, if you want the details of my last discussion with Victor Topa, I give it to you in private, live.

I hope you keep your word and will public an apology to what you wrote, at the urge, rather, of the one person recently upset with me. I would tremendous enjoy if when you want to write something about PC Dignity and Truth (whose goals I understood you share), or about members of the initiative group, you would document from the first source.


Even when you write that Plahotniuc is a jerk, it’s good to document it from the first source. I did so.


I saw that here he reacts no more, and then I went to Gabriel Calin’s page, so I reply to his another very important question that is disturbing him: about what we discussed at Frankfurt with Filat and Victor Topa, at a meeting from which there is serious proof that it has taken place.

So as not to guess too much, I tell him that I have not seen Filat for years and don’t even miss him much.


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