The DA Platform was smashed! Botan silenced, the Topas’ people have seized the protest


The Topas’ and Nastases’ despair demonstrates these days what interests are behind the protests organized in the center of the capital, where people participate that still believe in change. But eventually the DA Platform was smashed and the informal leader of the Coalition was moved to the reserve bench, without any right to repeal. In short, he was silenced.

The DA Platform began as a civic protest against those who came to government, but later this platform began to be hundred percent controlled by the Topas’ people, which promised a media coverage and a mobilization to those who watch TV. The DA Movement has slightly slipped towards the Topas, and now we see it has been completely privatized. Worse is that there have remained people that seem to have been brainwashed, devoted to Victor’s and Viorel’s Topa interests, the fugitives convicted in the Republic of Moldova.

Botan, the one who from the beginning came out and claimed himself as a leader of the Movement, remained somewhere on a chair in the waiting room, where he is no more heard and no longer seen. The Topas wanted to make him a new Mocanu, smarter and thrifty, but it did not work. Perhaps they wanted something else from the political analyst, but he could not offer them just what they wanted. So, the Topas got rid of him; then they have privatized the activity of a protester.

Eventually, as I wrote in another article, in Moldova was compromised even what a protest means. Something honest had started against Plahotniuc and Filat, and now it has come to a crazy internal fight to form a party of the DA Movement and Nastas to be its president.
Is this thing desired by the protesters? For this are they gathering, to create a party for the Topas? I guess not!

In fact, tomorrow people should be protesting also against the Topas, not only the Vlads, because they tried the exchanging of the oligarchs, and nothing else. That is what the ones who are moving the DA platform want, unfortunately.

They have shown great interest for power, including when they chased away the unionists from the PMAN Square at the Topas’ request. They said they do not need the Union with Romania, but a united Moldavian nation, not a Romanian one. It is clear, the Nastases and Topas want to overthrow the power, they want to climb on soft seats, to steal how they know better, then to forget about all the protesters.
Shortly, they do not want the good for the country, but only for themselves.

Who will you be, if you go to protest for the Topas and Nastases?

You’ll be the same fool that also protested for Vlad Filat. You wanted to be better, to be in the EU, but anyway you got under the plinth. It’s a shame to make yourself silly now, dear protester. You would better stay at home, create a party in the back of the garden with the headquarters in the toilet and ease yourself there, only for you, not for others’ benefit. Don’t you see that someone tries to use you and to draw personal benefits from it?
The source: / Corneliu Gandrabur

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