THE BOMB! Nastase has lied! The proof is that the DA leader is BUSINESS PARTNER WITH THE ŢOPA’S (UN)COUSINS and the protesters are just the mass of manipulation


Within the TV Show InterPol from TV7 channel, Victor and Viorel Topa’s lawyer, Andrei Nastase said that the two would have nothing to do with Dignity and Truth Platform.

Nastase had harshly attacked the author of the show OBSERVATOR, Gabriel Calin for publishing information about the meeting between Filat, Victor and Viorel Topa in Frankfurt whereby it was discussed the selling of the Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat.

According to Nastase, the information published by journalist was aberrations and Gabriel Calin should go to a psychiatrist.

However he strongly denied that the two Topas had any influence on the DA Platform and the DA’s staff and even on him personally, and he rarely discusses with them on the phone. Even if that Nastase is the co-founder of a millionaire aviation company.

Strange is this lack of influence on Nastase from the Topas, isn’t it? As strange as the furious reaction caused by information about the plane OK-XLS wherewith Vlad Filat flew from April 1st to Frankfurt where he met with Topi and struck a deal on Jurnal TV and the DA Platform, the leadership which belongs to lawyer Nastase and his brother.

Moldova24 owns more information which shortly publishes it.

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