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April the 1st 2015, 07:00. In great secrecy, from the Chisinau International Airport takes off a certain plane, OK XLS belonging to Silesia Air and it flies to Frankfurt, on a charter route with the code SUA 711 712.

At 08:35, the luxury aircraft OK XLS lands in Frankfurt.

08:45 – The Liberal-Democratic leader Vlad Filat sets foot on the Frankfurt airport. 00.36 He has an appointment with Victor and Viorel Topa. During their meeting, they discuss the transaction that will shed light on certain aspects related to the DA Civic Platform. On that day, Vlad Filat strikes a deal with the two convicted twins, Victor and Viorel Topa, for the purchase of Jurnal Trust Media. With their journalists and their audience.

Four days later, on April the 5th 2015, with the massive support of Jurnal Trust Media, the Civic Platform organizez a rally to commemorate the victims of the riots on April the 7th 2009. At the same time, they bring up a list of demands, among which is the bringing to justice of those who have robbed the country and they announce the date of their next rally. Among the main organizers are the Nastase clan members, who serve the purposes of the Topa cousins. At that time, they were still owners of Jurnal Trust Media.

A month later, on May the 3rd, Chisinau is the scene of the second protest. It is massively promoted on social networks by several characters who have had a great contribution in the staging of the April 2009 incidents, one of them is Natalia Morari. A good friend of Eduard Baghirov, the main suspect for the violence that irrupted on April the 7th 2009 Igor Botan, another friend of Natalia Morari, is on the management panel of the DA Platform. On June the 3rd, at their second protest, the militants who support the union with Romania are removed from the ranks of the Platform . The DA leadership distances itself shamefully from any unionist ideas and bans from the speaker’s microphone anyone with a pro-Romanian speech. Organizers seem oblivious to the fact that the most important pro-European activists are the pro-Romanian militants. And it’s also them who hate Vlad Filat the most. Especially after he had betrayed the interests of Romania and personally of former president Traian Basescu, by striking an alliance with Vladimir Voronin. In other words, the Topa clan eliminates what could have been the largest group within the DA Platform. A group that seems inconvenient to Filat and could probably steer the people’s force to a massive support for the pro-union political parties.And that would destroy the already shaky Liberal-Democratic Party.

In the meanwhile, Jurnal TV’s newscasts stop shedding any bad light on Vlad Filat.Which shows that the Topas have after all struck a deal with Vlad Filat at the April the 1st meeting. This is when the Topa cousins gave to Filat not only Jurnal TV. With the aid of the Nastase clan, who had already removed anyone inconvenient from the DA Platform, they also offered to Filat the critical mass of those who are discontent and whom they had lured in the quest for the stolen billion. A quest that is meant to fail from the very beginning. Because the billion was stolen partly by those who stand behind the movement.

You will probably wonder what is the real purpose of this Platform. The answer is at the surface: the creation of a controllable opposition, that would be directed anywhere their leaders need it. It is a method preferred by Putin and the Kremlin in general.

Without even realizing it, under the pretext of reclaiming the stolen billion, the people were once again lured into the game of the same manipulators who have been at it since the 90s. They stage protests, they create the critical mass of disgruntled people and they sell them for cash to political parties.

It was the same with Iurie Rosca. A person whom the Nastase clan has served with faith. The exact same happened on April the 7th, and the henchmen of those days are also among those who now support the protests. In 2009, the critical mass was aimed at the Communist power and, apparently, the Liberal Democrat had nothing to do with organizing the riots. Strangely enough, they benefited the most from the incidents. Do you think that is accidental? At the time, Natalia Morari was very active, just like she is now, with the DA Platform. Is there a connection or is there not? Decide for yourselves.

One thing is for sure, that the strength of the DA Platform will at one point be redirected, by manipulation, towards a newly-found enemy. That is how the people’s anger will be steered away from Vlad Filat to a new target picked by Vladimir Vassilievich. Even at today’s press conference that addressed the topic of organizing a rally on June the 7th, the Platform suddenly forgot to ask for Filat’s head on a silver platter. They only wanted those of the General Prosecutor, of the Anti-Corruption Chief Prosecutor, of the State Audit Agency and that of the National Bank’s governor. The General Prosecutor, the governor of the National Bank, the chief of the Anti-Corruption Centre, the president of the State Audit Agency. Of the above-mentioned list, Filat only seems to leave Urechean of the Audit Agency high and dry, because he has long been sacrificed.

The aircraft OK XLS landed in Chisinau with a happy Vlad Filat on board on April the 1st, at 17:05 local time. At that moment, the people of the Republic of Moldova was cheated and betrayed for the billionth time. And the great champions in the struggle for dignity and truth were irrevocably moved into Vlad Filat’s pocket.

On June the 7th, the DA Platform organizes yet a new rally. Vlad Filat and the Topa cousins are waiting for you with open arms. Pro-union activists and pro-European militants are kindly asked to skip this one. The DA Platform needs something totally different. They need the discontent that will be turned into grunts(just use Frontschwein, ok?).

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