EXCLUSIVE // plDAm! Another PROOF (VIDEO) that Filat has an understanding with the Topas to take over the DA! PLDaM-ists sent by Filat are to make an attendance at the meeting!

PLDM Parlament

The PLDM candidate for mayor of the Izbiste village, district Criuleni, Ivan Plămădeală, together with the Vice President of the district Criuleni, Malai, urge people to go to the DA protest in the PMAN Square.

We remember that earlier Moldova24 wrote about Filat’s flight to Frankfurt on April 1st, but also about Andrei Nastase’s (DA leader) flight, where they would have a meeting with the Topa millionaires, those who stay behind the DA Platform. In this meeting the transaction was adjusted after which JurnalTV passed into the PLDM leader’s pocket.

Likewise, we remind you that Moldova24 also wrote about that platform to be transformed into a political party, which was announced today from the meeting’s tribune. According to information in our possession, the party controlled by the Topas is supposed to act as a lightning rod for Filat and to direct the people’s discontent from the most corrupt party to other political actors.


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