CONDOLENCES to the Topas and Jurnal TV! 5 millions of Euros down the drain


According to the partial preliminary results of the parliamentary elections, the two parties controlled by businessmen Victor and Viorel Topa, the “Antimafia” Movement (1%) and PLR (1.4%), had taken together just under 2% of votes more than the independent Oleg Brega (0.7%)! I would like to note that Oleg has not spent any SINGLE LEI for the election campaign. While the Topas invested 5 million Euros in this fiasco!

5 million Euros is the minimum estimated cost of spent money by the Topas to maintain the Journal media trust, the antiPlahotniuc, antiLeancă and antiGhimpu “analysts” and “bloggers”. But also to finance the two FAILED political projects: the “Antimafia” Movement and PLR, funny intervention processes to ensure the actions through Netherlands, Cyprus, London and Romania, with armies of lawyers paid with tens of thousands of Euros!
The worst thing is that thanks to endeavors of its “German” financiers, the credibility of Jurnal TV was SMASHED, it turned into a pathetic propaganda tool! Here I do not refer to the serials with “Bugs Bunny” …
To this, I add the strange support for Vlad Filat in last period, through controlled media and through the PLR project. This apparently was another luckless playing card for the Topas at the end of the election campaign …
What was the effect? After the PLR’s sinking, the PL returned to their initial positions, and the DP increased 3% compared to 2010; it seems to be the only party that succeeded to increase its electoral score compared with previous elections (PSRM did not exist in 2010) !
P.S. I wish the Topas to be the same losers in the future! Unless they have a secret partnership with Plahotniuc…

Veaceslav Balacci

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