EXCLUSIVE: Viorel’s Topa scheme that had embezzled 400 thousand USD from Savings Bank of Moldova (BEM) (DOC, PHOTO)

victor si viorel

The scandal around the conviction of the businessmen Victor and Viorel Topa was an advertising one. In particular by the TV station financed by the two businessmen. What the reporters forgot that were in charged of the coverage is to tell why those two were sentenced.

Although the TV station had edited Sergiu Mocanu’s statements – president of Anti-mafia Movement (also funded with Victor’s and Viorel’s Topa money) and the TV station controlled by those two sentenced to long years of imprisonment (who are international quested) had omitted any information about the files upon which those two were sentenced from news and newspapers.

Today, Moldova24.info publishes the Scheme which, according to the Supreme Court of Justice, Viorel Topa embezzled 400 thousand USD from the “Savings Bank”. This scheme is based on SCJ sentence, which is a final and absolute one and where it can be accessed and read here.


Thus, from the scheme and the Supreme Court sentence, becomes clear that having an important position in the Savings Bank of Moldova (BEM), Viorel Topa provides AIR MOLDOVA a credit of $1.000.000 . As a guarantee, the offshore company owned by Viorel Topa transferred into SBM accounts an amount of $400.000 (previously deposited into company’s accounts by confederates). After AIR MOLDOVA gets a $1.000.000 credit started the second phase of the embezzlement scheme.

Knowing from the start that Air Moldova will not reimburse the loan, Viorel Topa, holding a position in the SBM, issue a mandate that allows offshore company (being the owner) to withdraw money from the bank, being in fact a guarantee.

So Viorel Topa came into possession $400.00 commission through embezzlement granted for a loan which was known from the start that will not be paid, and SBM remained without another 1.000.000 and the guarantee withdrawn illegally by Viorel Topa.


We will come back.


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