Andrian Candu: „I will take Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase by the hand and we will go to protest”

candu sandu colaj realitatea

Andrian Candu commented today the canceled hearing of Parliament Inquiry Commission and the interference of the „Open Dialogue” Fudge in the domestic policy of the country and also the declarations of Maia Sandu.

„First of all I want to mention what my colleagues from commission told me. They said that commission hearing was canceled because of Maia Sandu, who is abroad, required to cancel this hearing, because she is participating at a Congress of Popular European Party at Helsinki if I’m not wrong. The commission understood and canceled the hearing because of that. After this, we all heard that Maia Sandu told that she will not participate if the hearing will not be open.

As I mentioned yesterday, the hearings cannot be opened because this will break the law.

If she thinks we have to do something illegal and my colleagues have criminal files for this cause, so we have a diplomatic scandal, we will not accept it.

I have also seen the answer to my comment that we have been following the exile from the electoral race, I want to assure all of you that this commission of inquiry comes to investigate to examine some information regarding the influence of political processes in Moldova on foreign structures, secret services through the use of non-governmental organizations.

Information is happening or happened in the Republic of Moldova as in other countries in the regions, this is the only reason for these committees. I do not think Maia Sandu will be excluded from the election race because of these committees.

I promise, I will take Maia sandu and Andrei Nastase by the hand and we will come to the Square to protest against such a decision. This investigation has another purpose, it is not means to punish anyone, but to find out the truth”, said Andrian Candu.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that from the first information received by the Commission, it was found that there are not one but several NGOs from abroad who have carried out activities that may be inconsistent with Moldovan laws and could be interference in Moldovan domestic politics as well as elements related to illegal funding of political organizations and politicians.

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