The National Resistance Movement of Criminals. Learn the criminal past of “the resistance cells”


The Dignity and Truth Party (PPDA), led by the self-styled justiciary Andrei Năstase, is brilliantly reasserting its reputation of an organization gathering amounts of individuals with criminal antecedents. Whats more, such people with severe problems with the law have attended a series of flash-mobs unfolded on July 16 in front of many police inspectorates across the country.
Thus, in Ialoveni, the “resistance movement of criminals” enrolled, for instance, Gheorghe Băluţel and Andrei Ermurachi, both sentenced for different offences in 2007 and 2013. And, can you beat it?! Now they protest in front of the police!

Criminally sentenced people were also present at the manifestation in Floreşti. It’s Victor Maxian, born in 1975 and investigated according to art.264, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code.

Also in Nisporeni the so-called “resistance movement” is full of criminals. It’s Victor Ulinici, sentenced in 1998 to 8 years of jail for robbery. As in thriller movies, he and some accomplices attacked the watchman of a warehouse of dry plums, tied him up to a metal bar on a frosty night and stole a couple of tonnes of plums. The verdict was issued by the Nisporeni district court.
The situation is no rosier in Criuleni. Anatolie Cotovici is among the proud fighters for dignity and truth, criminally probed.

The same is true for Drochia. The protester Svetlana Conea was criminally searched for manufacturing, hpolding, selling and using official documents. Here we also find Maria Gorcea, sentenced in 2007 by the Ocniţa court to community work. And last but not least, here is Vitalie Babără. This member of the “criminal resistance” was trialed on art. 119 paragraph 2 of the Criminal Code and sentenced to correctional work with the withdrawal of 15% from his salary.

Another active participant in the PPDA manifestation in Teleneşti is Valeriu Bunduchi, sentenced in 1997 to correctional work with salary withdrawal. He was sentenced again in 2014 by the Teleneşti court to compulsory work for another offence. In the same district, Gheorghe Josan was sentenced in 1999 to one year of jail. Another “criminal protester” from Teleneşti is Leonid Gaşpar, sentenced in 1995 correctional work and jail for two years.

Also “the resistance movement” from Străşeni abounds in individuals having legal problems. Thus, “the militant for dignity and truth” Victor Mămăligă was sentenced to two years of jail. In 2017 he was searched for committing an offence as provided by art. 2641, paragraph (4) of the Criminal Code. His file is pending.

There is a whole army of “criminal resistance fighters” in Orhei. Thus, the protest of July 16 was attended by Victor Mudrea, sentenced in 2002 on art. 184 paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code. Also Alexandru Pănuţă was arrested in 2016. Petru Pereu was also criminally searched.

Lidia Barbu is among the criminally searched demonstrators from Hânceşti district. She was the manager of the passport office and was criminally searched in 1999, according to art. 187 paragraph (2) of the Criminal Code.

And in Briceni, “the awaken citizen” Veniamin Ţurcan was sentenced to a year of jail.
It’s worth reminding that PPDA leader Andrei Năstase recognized back in 2017 that his party hosted plenty of individuals with a criminal past. “I cannot know everything about every party member. As for the party members certainly many of them have problems,” Andrei Năstase said.

Now then, the big mafia fighters, militants “for dignity and truth” have legal problems themselves. As if the thief would shout: ‘hold the thief!’

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