Maia Sandu and Viorel Cibotaru stand up against building U.S. Embassy on old stadium territory

cibotaru sandu

The PAS and PLDM leaders, Maia Sandu and Viorel Cibotaru stand up against building a new U.S. Embassy on the territory of the former Republican Stadium. They say the idea musty be subjected to consulting from the civil society.

“It would have been fair, if there were consultations with Chișinău inhabitants, but we hope the Embassy will take into account the citizens’ interests and the entity to be built there will match the architectural frame of the area,” commented the PAS leader.

“Now people need other decisions and actions. As the Government says, people leave the country because they lack entertainment, sport and sex, probably. All the decisions of this sort do confirm this government is indifferent to what the people want,” said the PLDM president.

We tried to learn the opinion of the PPDA leader, Andei Năstase, concerning the issue, but he has declined to talk to our crew: “I’ve told you I don’t talk to liars. Because you are liars. But I don’t talk about lies.”

Wednesday, the Government decided to hand the U.S. Embassy the 5-ha plot earlier used by the Republican Stadium. The land will be sold at the market price to be negotiated between the Government and the Embassy.

The Republican Stadium was demolished back in 2007. The then prime minister, Vasile Tarlev, got on a tractor and symbolically destroyed the construction. Tarlev stated a new arena of 20,000 seats would be built instead, plus a huige parking lot and a hotel, but it has never happened.


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