Granting Moldovan citizenship to investors to significantly strengthen country’s economy

ministerul economiei

Unfolding the program on granting Moldovan citizenship to people bringing substantial investments into the Moldovan economy will contribute to the country’s development. It’s the finding of an editorial published on the portal

“Moldova faces the opportunity capitalized by dozens of countries much more developed economically and namely – implementing the program of granting Moldovan citizenship to the ones bringing substantial investments into the Moldovan economy,” writes Ion Vasilos, the author of the article.

“They can come with a non-reimbursable contribution of 100 thousand euros, which are transferred into a state fund for structural investments in social infrastructure (water supply, sewers, roads.) Or they come up with an investment of 250 thousand euros in real estate or in state securities for a period of 60 months,” he points out.

The author writes the project will attract at least 1.3 bn dollars, in its first stage.

“According to the reckonings of the Moldovan Economy Ministry, at least 1.3 bn dollars can be attracted this way, as a starter. Is it much? Little? I think it’s big money: over 17% of the GDP.
On average, it will insure a 2.5-percent increase in the GDP annually for the duration of the program. Moreover, the budget incomes will annually grow by 8-9% and 10% in the first year of implementation. The direct foreign investment will skyrocket 3 times. The investments in private constructions will jump by 25%,” writes the Hotnews editorialist.

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