Andrei Năstase’s deputy is angry Government gives fallow plot for new US Embassy

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Representatives of PPDA and PAS voice against yielding the plot of the former Republican Stadium to build new quarters for the US Embassy.

“The matter is it’s a symbol. It was once the Republican Stadium. One can do different other works on that plot,” PPDA deputy president Alexandru Slusari told

The PPDA’s protesting partners, the ones of the PAS, see no good in handing the plot into US property.

„The Action and Solidarity Party regrets the mode in which the authorities have made the decision of dismantling the Republican Stadium,” PAS officials told

US Ambassador James Pettit earlier told media the transaction of buying the plot to construct new quarters for the US Embassy to Moldova would be transparent. The diplomat explained the office used by the Embassy was small, as some employees had to work offices in different areas of Moldova’s capital.

Now the land, on which the former Republican Stadium was, a five-hectare area, is a public property and stays fallow.


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