Vlad Plahotniuc: How can we speak of a captured state, when far-left and far-right oppositions won two elections


The results of recent mayoral elections from this year have proven that the rumor of Moldova being a captured state is false. The declaration was made by leader of PDM, Vlad Plahotniuc, within an interview for tribuna.md.

„PDM did not forward a candidate and did not participate in the political campaign. I believe it was a right move to not forward a candidate, we forwarded a candidate and were accused by the opposition of wishing to take over Chisinau City Hall, that we wish to control everything. We proved that this was a lie and just how false are the rumors that the state is captured. How can we speak of a captured state, when presidential elections were won by a far-left opposition, while the mayoral elections by the far-right opposition? Those results of the mayoral elections bring a balance in the state, the far-right opposition has the chance to speak less and act more, to prove what it is capable of. Today, Republic of Moldova is not controlled by a single power, because it is partially split between main political forces of the country- the far-left, central, the far-right” leader of PDM mentioned.

Vlad Plahotniuc mentioned that those those who screamed of elections being unfair, did not appreciate the way they took place, but were pleased by their results.

„Despite many speculations and manipulative campaigns, the elections were correct and democratic, which is proved by the opposition being now at helm. There were many manipulations claiming that the elections will not be fair, it being the main topic for both rounds. It was proved to be a lie” leader of PDM declared.

source: publika.md

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