Harsh attack of Năstase’s trolls on U.S. ambassador, calling to protests in front of American diplomatic mission


One of the revealed trolls of Andrei Năstase, who stole the identity of a Romanian singer, attacks the ambassador of the United States to Chișinău. In a post on Facebook, the individual calling himself ”Andrei Petru” utters dirty words as to the diplomat blaming the latter for having too weak a response regarding the court verdict on invalidating Năstase’s mayor office.

Using an offending language gushing with swear words, identical with the ones used by Năstase, the troll says Pettit has not protested toughly because of receiving, from the Government, the area of the former Republican Stadium to build the new premises for the embassy on. He has written not everybody sells himself for lei and dollars, some sell themselves ”also for plots of land.”

The individual with a stolen identity urges to stage protests also in front of the American diplomatic mission.

Recently the media demonstrated the individual calling himself ”Andrei Petru” was an impostor, who, behind the screen of a stolen identity, was writing posts supporting the PPDA and against the government. He uses the picture of the Romanian singer Cristi Nistor, and when demanded to change it, he said the singer had become known in Romania namely thanks to him. PPDA deputy president Inga Grugoriu jumped in the troll’s defense. She wrote a comment on Facebook: ”He’s OK. From Transnistria. A good fellow.”

The troll ”Andrei Petru” turned the public attention on him on April 18, when he wrote he was ready to give 30 thousand euro to the one who’d show him Năstase’s 11 houses. Shortly, journalists found out that a person named Andrei Petică was hiding behind the stolen identity.

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