U.S. Embassy’s intention to have new office, derided by felon oligarch Viorel Țopa

viorel topa

The fugitive oligarch Viorel Țopa, sentenced in Moldova and now living as a refugee in Frankfurt, harshly lashes at the U.S. Embassy to Moldova. In a Facebook post, he maintains the possible construction of a new diplomatic mission in Chișinău on the area of the former Republican Stadium would be ”a disgrace.”

”A new U.S. Embassy will be on the place of the Republican Stadium. It would be a big disgrace, if it turns true, but it would also explain a lot concerning the attitude of the U.S. Embassy to Moldova,” wrote Viorel Țopa.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Embassy to Moldova has reacted to the news about the construction of a new office for the diplomatic mission.

„The U.S. Embassy appreciates the steps undertaken by the Moldovan Government to support our intention to build a new embassy, which mirrors our deep and on-going bilateral relations. The talks concerning the acquisition of a new plot are under way”, reads a release by the diplomatic mission.

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