„Shindler’s d*ck”. Who is the scandalous author, paid off by Platon and Gofman to write denigrating articles about Moldova in the American media?

An article denigrating Moldova has recently appeared in the U.S. press, immediately taken over with big appetite by the media sponsored with the money stolen from the Moldovan banking system by Veaceslav Platon (httpbserver.com/2018/05/why-did-ambassador-to-germany-ric-grenell-defend-vladimir-plahotniuc/). It seems like the sponsors of the paid article resorted to the services of a press mercenary with an image as controversial as theirs, and the article has been duly scorned off in the U.S.. The contract between Platon & Gofman and the American author was made through a former adviser to Vlad Filat, also paid off from the money stolen from the Moldovan banks.
The author, who accepted to be paid from the money stolen from Banca de Economii from Moldova, is namely John Shindler, a controversial person, whom the American public got to know in the summer of 2014, after he had become the protagonist of a huge sexual scandal.
The one pretending to be “a security expert”, a former employee by the NSA, quit in June 2014 from his job as a lecturer at the US Naval War College (http://gawker.com/nsa-spook-turned-twitter-pundit-goes-dark-after-dick-pi-1594848048), after messages and e-mails appeared on Twitter that Shindler had sent to some women (not his wife), in which his intimate areas are shown. After the sexual scandal Shindler cancelled his accounts on social media and quit his teaching job, thus acknowledging that the photos gone public belonged to him (https://www.stripes.com/news/us/navy-professor-resigns-after-racy-photo-inquiry-1.297789).
Yet Platon and Gofman apply an old strategy, also used by Andrei Năstase’s wedding godfather Victor Țopa. Now few were their orders in the U.S., taken over by some perverts, which were presented by the Jurnal Trust Media holding as journalists. But for some of the Chișinău audience it’s enough for an article to be signed by a foreigner, and the site to be registered beyond the ocean, and  it is considered trustworthy and objective.
All we have to do in Chișinău is to also treat with a smile the material published on demand by Shindler, who has to make both ends meet by paid articles, after he had got jobless because of the sexual scandal. At the same time, we remark and regret the worsening quality of some employees from the Chișinău press, who are ready to publish everything their sponsors require, without making the smallest effort to check up what they publish.
As the saying goes: like father like son!
P. Macovei

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