Moldova’s ruling party leader considers country’s achievements, prospects


The leader of the Democratic Party from Moldova (PDM), Vlad Plahotniuc, has considered the state of the country on the eve of the parliamentary elections. The editorial was written for New Europe.

„Guided by our European commitment and with the EU’s help, we have done well: economic growth is robust, new structural reforms are producing encouraging results, incomes and standards of living have risen, and a majority of the country supports greater European integration. In view of this year’s parliamentary elections, the challenge is how to consolidate this European vision for the future and make our commitments irreversible. This is where we hope – with our European partners – to contribute to a historic achievement”, Vlad Plahotniuc writes.

“We have also brought new conviction to stepping up the fight against corruption. Our banking system has recovered after a massive fraud and the agreement with the IMF has brought about greater financial and macroeconomic stability. Moreover, we have adopted a comprehensive law against fake news and Russian propaganda and have shown, with results, that our goal is to more closely align with Western standards and take responsibility for the fight against misinformation”.

“As a country historically and politically caught between Russia and Europe, in many ways the coming election will be a referendum on Europe. While it is growing, the pro-European majority is still slim, and vocal pro-East partisans are strongly backed by a foreign propaganda apparatus that has left its mark on more than one democracy in recent years”.

“We are ready to make a symbolic first step soon and enshrine European integration in the Constitution as the country’s key objective”, the leader of Moldova’s Democratic Party, Vlad Plahotniuc, concludes in his editorial for New Europe.

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