EXCLUSIVE/ Investigation: Lucinschi’s mass-media financed with the money from Savings Bank of Moldova. The prosecutors confirmed the existence of a criminal file.


Today.md optained several documents and information which demonstrate that Chiril Lucinschi’s mass-media company was financed with money from the Savings Bank of Moldova. Mostly, Ilan Sor at Vlad Filat’s order withdrawn $ 440,000 from the banking system and transferred the money into Lucinschi’s company bank accounts. Subsequently the financial meanings were used to finance media projects, for editorial service payments, that includes Natalia Morari’s services, his concubine.

Thus, according to the investigations between 28.11.2012 – 23.10.2014, the group of companies belonging to Ilan Sor: TOM TON TRADE CORP, PRIMOTEKS IMPORT and HEZBURG LLP (with bank accounts at ABVL BANK and AS PRIVATBANK) has transferred the amount of $ 440.100 to Chiril Lucinschi’s IPA International Project Agency (accounts at Verwaltungs-UND Privat-BANK, the Netherlands), the PLDM deputy and son of the former president Petru Lucinschi. Money was transferred based on fictitious contracts granting consulting services.

Money from the banking system got to Natalia’s Morari concubine through 4 channels. In first case is regarding unperformed loans given by Savings Bank of Moldova, Social Bank, UNIBANK to DUFREMOL, MOLDCLASSICA INTERNATIONAL LLC, CONTRADE LLC, STORAD GRUP and DASLER CON LLC, Ilan Shor’s BS companies. Through this channel money was arriving almost directly from Moldavian banks to Chiril Lucinschi’s company’s bank accounts.

The second case has a more complex scheme. This time money arrived to Lucinschi through Sor’s loans from Russian Federation (ALEF BANK and METROBANK) offered to private and business individuals from Sor group ( DANMIRA LLC, LIRAMEX COM and ROTARI ALEXANDRU). Actually the money sponsoring TV7 and TNT Bravo’s owner came from our Moldavian bank system, and Banca Sociala acted as guaranty. Which means that Sor companies will not repay the money. Money is withdrawn by Russians from Social Bank. Sor only took the money from Russians for Chiril meanwhile covering the loans with money from Savings Bank of Moldova, Social Bank and UNIBANK.

The third financing way was Veaceslav Platon’s CHESTER NZ LIMITET offshore company, involved in LAUNDROMAT scandal – the transit of Russian money through Moldindconbank. From that company money got to Sor and after that to Chiril Lucinschi. This channel shows the obvious connection between the Moldovian Bank fraud, between Veaceslav Platon and Vlad Filat, at whose orders Ilan Sor was transferring money into Lucinschi’s company bank accounts.

The last transaction channel used to fill out IPA International Project Agency’s bank accounts, was made through SOR’s business companies, with money came from the $ 50 mil. loan, given by REGIONALINAYA FINANSOVAYA COMPANYA OAO (bank accounts at GAZPROMBANK), to the stockholder at Savings Bank of Moldova (loan that helped at increasing capital). Therefore it is also about the money from Savings Bank of Moldova. Or this loan of $ 50 million has to be repaid by SBM.

(scheme 1 simplified) Thus, emerges that Vlad Filat financed Chiril Lucinschi’s mass-media business through Ilan Sor and Veaceslav Platon with money from Savings Bank of Moldova, BS and UNIBANK. Even if the scheme looks complicated, if you study it in details (scheme 2), we conclude that Lucinschi used the money to finance TV7, TNT BRAVO and other projects, including project as Natalia’s Morari, his concubine, who through MEDIA SAPIENS provided services for ANALITIC MEDIA GROUP (LLC that owned TV7).

Meanwhile, till June, 12th 2013 money was withdrawn directly by Lucinschi (Tabel of Transfers), after June, 12th the money transferred by Sor and Platon at Filat’s order was managed by a certain Radu Gutu, who was the administrator of several businesses of Lucinschi: BRAVO TV LLC, (TNT) BRAVO, BRAVO STUDIO LLC and ANALTICMEDIA GRUP LLC(TV7). This one is also an employee at ALKASAR – Lucinschi’s advertising company.

Therewith the investigation RISE demonstrated the connection between deputy Chiril Lucinschi and IPA International Project Agency. According to RISE journalists, Chiril Lucinschi is connected to this IPA International Project Agency because of transactions of millions of US dollars. More than that RISE investigation demonstrated that Chiril Lucinschi is the direct beneficiary, although he tried to hide himself behind intermediary persons.

We tried to contact Chiril Lucinschi but he didn’t answer our calls or text messages.

Contacted by Today.md, Viorel Morari, head of anti-corruption department has confirmed that the facts described right now are actually investigated in the BANK FRAUD case.

Viorel Morari : During the investigation we are verifying the transactions made by SBM to this company, country of origin of this company confirmed the connection between Chiril Lucinschi with this company, including details about the period when he was the both owner of this company and deputy, and he didn’t mention it in the income declaration. Legally we are blocked to proceed with the investigation because this person has immunity, so we cannot act accordingly. We can call him for hearings but that’s it, we cannot investigate him. Now we need to decide how to proceed further by looking for some jurisdictional opinions to solve the problem. Meanwhile we still monitor all the transactions, we have found the trail of money and its final destination, its provenience, we are doing hearings. We cannot give you more details at this stage.

We want to remind you that the prosecutors announced that they are investigating the SBM money which by fraud, directly or not got to several mass-media institutions from Republic of Moldova, which belonged to Vlad Filat or through 3rd party people. According to our sources that solicited anonymity, these are: ZIARUL NATIONAL that belongs to Vlad Filat, through ION RUSU – Vocea Basarabiei through Caravita Igor Cijov, and also Unimedia with an intermediary person.

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Schema 1 (simplificata)

SCHEMA 2 (canale de transfer)




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