Bomb! The German Prosecutors has opened a criminal case against Victor and Viorel Topa, the sponsors of the DA Platform! They are investigating including the fraud of the Savings Bank of Moldova. holds an official letter issued by the German officials to the authorities of Republic of Moldova which confirms the fact that in Germany were elaborated criminal prosecutions on the names of Victor and Viorel Topa, the sponsors of the DA Platform.

In the case of Viorel Topa, the German law officers check his involvement in the fraud scheme of the Savings Bank of Moldova during 2000-2001 by granting bad loans. At that time Viorel Topa was the chairman of the Savings Bank of Moldova. The embezzlement scheme of money from the Savings Bank of Moldova, earlier laid down by journalists based on the decision of conviction issued by Supreme Court in 2012, becomes obvious that holding an important position at the Savings Bank of Moldova, Viorel Topa provides a credit in amount of $ 1.000.000 to AIR MOLDOVA INTERNATIONAL, the owner being Victor Topa. As pledge, the offshore company that he owns, transfers into bank accounts of Savings Bank of Moldova the amount of $400.000 (earlier deposited into company’s bank accounts by accomplices). After AIR MOLDOVA INTERNATIONAL obtained the credit of $1.000.000 begins the second stage of the embezzlement scheme.

Knowing from the start that AIR MOLDOVA will not repay the credit, Viorel Topa being the head of the Savings Bank of Moldova, issues a disposition which allows the offshore company (owned by him) to withdraw money from bank, even though it is actually a pledge.

In the case of Victor Topa, the German law officers verify his involvement in blackmailing, kidnapping and illegal dispossession of shares. An important eyewitness that testify against Victor Topa is Galina Proidisvet, who was kidnapped at an hotel in Moscow, blackmailed and ultimately divest of her shares that she and her family owned at VictoriaBank. For this felony, Victor Topa was found guilty and convicted to 12 years of prison in Republic of Moldova.

If German law officers will establish that these felonies were committed, these two will be extradite in Republic of Moldova, where they will serve their terms of 8 and 10 years of prison.

According to our sources, the convicted Victor and Viorel Topa know about these criminal prosecutions and have started formalities to leave Germany, trying to avoid the risk being extradite. A possible destination taken under consideration is London, even USA where the Frontiera Solutions NGO was hired in order to obtain political asylum. It is about the same NGO that represents Platon and Gofman.

We remind you that the fugitives, Victor and Viorel Topa are the ones who created and finance the DA Platform, the men behind Andrei Nastase.



Foreign Office has the honor to inform the Moldovan Ambassador, referring to his verbal note dated October 20, 2015, regarding Moldovan citizens:

Topa Victor Ion, born February 1st, 1967, Serdreni, Nisporeni district.

Morari Vladimir Nicolae, born September 6th, 1976, Orhei city.

Topa Viorel Tudor, February 20th, 1960 Chisinau

The German Prosecutors holding public powers have accepted the prosecution, and started their own investigations against Moldovan citizens mentioned above. The Forreing Officers take advantage of this opportunity to reiterate its highest consideration to Moldovan Embassy.

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