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Friday, April 23, 2021

Project no.2 project of Topa’s is on dead end

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After investing millions of lei in Sergiu Mocanu and Anti-mafia, poor oligarchs Victor and Viorel Topa should cut the funding of the DA Platform after the failures and scandals in which the leaders were involved. One of them is Andrusa Nastase, the so-called “lideraş” of the deflated Platform “Dignity and Truth” that demonstrates every day that is a guy without a bit of vision and who can be easily labeled: great loser, a marplot, “bludnic “. How the hell holding all the aces in the hand and be on a roll, you turn a protest of people into schemes hence kneeing Moldova in front of the Kremlin?!

All the clues show that both of the protests from the Great National Assembly Square and Parliament were negotiated by Andrei Nastase with Igor Dodon and Renato Usatâi and received the oligarchs Victor’s and Viorel’s Topa and FSB’s structure permission from Moscow.

Infiltration of the green troops into the DA gang raised bewilderment of many. Nastase’s handshake with Dodon betrays and reveals the shameful plan of those who don’t want the good for the sake of this patch of land. Things are divided and directed with flying colors.

DA Platform (Dignity and Truth) ensures the coverage of the chaos created by them through the media controlled by the oligarch Victor and Viorel Topa, Lucinschi’ and Filat’s clan.

DU Platform (Dodon and Usatîi) provides the protests financially. (Putin has money).

Recently Andrus Nastase had declared: “There is no Antifa. There is a tight group of guys who express themselves as they know better. Does not exist. It is a scarecrow. It’s a simple scarecrow “, Nastase assured. Note that the Andrei Nastase’s former business partner – Viorel Topa, about whom was written that stands behind the DA Platform, is jointly with Petrenco after he was arrested.

These two figures affirmed about it, after the whole country saw a video with paramilitary organization Antifa, the members’ houses were searched where was found a large amount of munition and weaponry, including: grenade throwers “MYXA ” model, offensive grenades RGD-5 model, TNT and detonators, automatic pistols and guns with dumpers, explosive devices with remote control, cartridges of different sizes in enormous quantities and many inflammable bottles “MOLOTOV Cocktail” model, specialized equipment like backpacks with everything necessary in organizing schemes of general plans of the institution constructions strategically of state importance such as the Central Election Commission, Public Teleradio-Moldova Company, etc.

“We want the country back, cry out loud like in the snake hole “hungry “from the DA Platform. However they want the country back to give it to Russians … “it goes deep into Basarabians’ pate fooled for so many times. Sometimes it’s too late …

P.S. When will you understand that the only way is the unification with Romania… when?


Source: ionelchisinau.wordpress.com

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