Proof that Țopa is behind the DA Platform and has direct connections with ANTIFA extremist Petrenco


New proofs demonstrate that Victor and Viorel Țopa are the ones who run the DA Platform, have appeared on internet. On a short video posted on Youtube in which appears a tapping of the ANTIFA members clears the air that businessmen Țopa are behind the DA Platform and are the only ones that make decisions or at least their orders are being listened and performed by so-called leaders of the DA Platform.

Gutovschi: Hallo!

Svetlicinîi: Sașa,hi!

Gutovschi: Hallo!

Svetlicinîi: Your viber doesn’t work, right?

Gutovschi: Ah, no. Who are you?

Svetlicinîi: Costea Svetlîi!

Gutovschi: Ah Costea Svetlîi, hi, hi, hi.

Svetlicinîi: I write to you, write to you. I spoke with Ana and told me that you have everything, right?

Gutovschi: Yes, call Jana. She will tell you all.

Svetlicinîi: Jana…she doesn’t answer, guys, we must work. I personally got along with Țopa. Do you know Țopa?

Gutovschi: Brothers Țopa?

Svetlicînîi: Yes, yes, I talked personally with Viorel Țopa and told me that he would discuss with Năstase, discuss with everyone that all we will be welcomed manwise…this unionist leaves, gets out for ever…then, when the voting takes place, we are going in the Sqaure and will vote against and for, as she….no one needs her, …. They told me: guys come out, set down in the freedom city. I am with them…I have been discussing all night, he is in Germany.

Svetlicinîi: Deal, he told me that I will represent you, I will tell that you’ve been accepted, go out and work, that no one is to be…from left, forces from the right, center, we are making a whole, understand?

Gutovschi: I understand!

Svetlicinîi: Everything is right, everything is good, we are seeking for the truth, people, there should be no political slogans, and we should restore our city.

Meanwhile, the connection becomes clear between extremist movement ANTIFA and Victor and Viorel Țopa, who impel the members of the semi-legal organization to adhere to the DA Platform.

At the protest organized by DA Platform on the September, 6th   several members of the ANTIFA including his member Grigore Petrenco were taken into custody after some violent altercations in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office. Then the police officers found on them chains, drugs and other illegal items.

To be mentioned that Moldova24 published several compromising materials that say that behind the Platform together with Țopa is Vlad Filat, who is an old friend with Victor Țopa since they were running some important state positions before the governance of Communist Party of Moldova.

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