The oligarchs behind the DA Platform had officially announced why they organize the protests! They want to put their hands on power

victor si viorel

Accused of being one of those who stays behind the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth”, the businessman Viorel Topa calls people on Facebook to riot on Sunday and asks the establishment of an interim Government invested in the streets. According to the site, the rumors are being borne that the purpose is to raise a bloody maidan in Republic of Moldova.

In an image attached to the message, the businessman requires openly an interim Government invested in the street, that is, de facto, the overthrow of the current administration in Chisinau by coup. Thus, the information speculated in the media is being confirmed but also on social networks that the Platform “Dignity and Truth” is led by the tandem Victor and Viorel Topa and their aim is to cause a bloody maidan in the Republic of Moldova “, said the source.

A quick reminder: some analysts do not exclude that on September 6th the peaceful protest could turn into street violence caused by the Russian services using political and extremist structures that they maintain in Republic of Moldova. Experts have warned that supporting the protest by extremist politician Petrenco, supported by Russia and who would control the dreaded radical organization Antifa, is of serious concern. And the probability of the Russian involvement, argue the commentators, is very high in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the leader of the Antimafia Movement, Sergiu Mocanu, affirmed that Jurnal TV, which advertises assiduous the actions of the DA Platform, but also the actions of Petrenco, came closer to the pro-Russian extremist forces because of political interests of some DA Platform leaders.

Noting that the main funder of the Jurnal TV is Victor Topa who got away together with Viorel in Germany because of a conviction to imprisonment in Moldova. There are many opinions that Victor and Viorel Topa were ready to ally with pro-Russian extremist forces, only just to return back. And the DA Platform, according to information disclosed in the press, has been created and is currently controlled by the two Topa.

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