AEROBILLION // FILAT wants the airport from Topa

Valeriu Streleț. Prim-ministrul lui Vlad Filat

The International Airport from Chisinau comes again into public attention, after Valeriu Streleț, the new prime-minister put into chair by Vlad Filat (the ex-prime-minister dismissed for corruption), made clear the intention that the method through which the airport was indulged should be investigated and maybe reconsidered.

A noble intention, isn’t it? NO! Because Vlad Filat doesn’t do anything without a profit.

The “kleptomaniac” has the habit – no action without profit.

You will ask yourselves, how is this possible to steal more money from our pockets returning the airport into state possession?

It’s very easy – all the roads go again to… FRANKFURT!

C. Cheianu (mijloc) și A. Durbală (dreapta), angajații lui V. Țopa (stânga): „La Frankfurt am primit asigurări…”

Let’s take step by step. Only this way we can put all the information together offered by various sources, which through the time proved their heavy influence. Or, meanwhile Moldova24 cannot be accused by anyone for spreading some fake information, especially that behind all our statements lay strong arguments and compelling evidence, which can destroy any court cases.

Doi Vlazi. Uneori, sunt nevoiți să dea ochii unul cu altul.

Launched in a mortal (political) fight with Plahotniuc, Vlad Filat, a life-time friend with Victor Țopa, (since they were working together in the team of Lucinschi), decides that it’s high time to take advantage of this friendship, exact in the same way as he did in the case with Pădurea Domnească, when he thought that the moment came to destroy him completely. Now the “heavy” billion takes him down, also his and his relatives’ involvement becomes obvious, Filat (the version of the secret services – the KLEPTOMANIAC or TALIF – his own version) together with the brothers Topa decide to strike the final blow.

These ones jointly drawn up an action plan. A very brave one, even risky. And cynical. They deflect people’s discontent through Jurnal TV and the civic DA Platform and directing it towards Plahotniuc, whom they accuse of the billion theft, even that the only evidence is leading directly to Filat. (This doesn’t mean that Plahotniuc is somehow squeaky clean and in the following we will not come with some spicy details from his life). Here comes the second part of the plan – Filat being taken as a victim. Just that reporters knew the script from the beginning. Thus Filat and Topa have stalled somewhere in the phase of accusation of the DA Platform. Or, even most ardent members of this Platform are doubtful about the real goal of the protests, chiefly that none of them would accept the game of Filat.

miting DA5
Platforma DA. La microfon – finul și avocatul lui V. Țopa

Meanwhile, the DA Platform shall meet the promises of the hunting pilot of the state money – Topa. And these are: the amnesty in the case where as a result him being a fugitive (Filat still has time to do it during his innings as the dangling president, this is why they made so many mistakes) and the returning of Topa in the aviation, there where he held important positions during his glory period (the Chief of the Civil Aviation, responsible of the Airport reconstruction, Minister of the Transportation).

V. Țopa. Frankfurt. 1 aprilie 2015. Întânirea cu Vlad Filat

If with the first part of the promise made at Frankfurt April 1st, 2005 (when they made the deal about selling Jurnal TV) is a small problem, because the amnesty will be too obvious exposing the entire mafia, then the part about the airport can be easily resolved. Filat already being in charge of it. Or besides the theft of the billion, people still want the airport back.

Thus, with the help of Strelet, Filat starts a campaign of bringing back the airport in the state property so that to install there his own administrators.ere a aeroportului în proprietatea statului, pentru a putea pune propriii administratori acolo.

Doi prim-miniștri. Unul demis pentru acte de corupție. Al doilea mereu gata să execute ordinul primului

So-called administrators agreed with Topas who just know not from rumors, how the financial flows in the aviation can significantly be thinned in favor of their own interests.

Shor, ca de fiecare dată, campion!

You will probably ask yourselves how about Shor, another friend of Filat. Or apparently , he is somehow, a moldavian saying – ‘chidanit-’

with the implementation of Topa’s plan, because he remains without the airport, which, there is no secret got into his hands. This is not just like that!

In the case the state wants to review the concession, Shor will receive huge compensations, or there are conditions in the contract that stipulates excessive amounts. There are not just numbers. This is money that we all shall take from our pockets (as in the case of the TALIFAT BILLION).

We have to admit that Filat is a master in such combinations. Isn’t he?

To revise:

Topa helping Filat to get rid of Plahotniuc, he returns the airport from Shor to the State, where he appoints Topa’s administrators, and Shor pays with the state’s money (namely our money) huge compensations.

Beautiful, isn’t it? All are pleased, including those who are pleading for the returning of the airport.

YOUR TALIF, KLEPTOMANIAC – you can call him whatever you want, is immedicable. He is so stalled that he cannot stop. Then somenone shall stop him forcibly.

Contract Concesionare AIC Partea 1 (1)

Сontract concesionare AIC partea 2

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