Noillib Talif – Return the Billion! (Observator)


Thing about which people prefer to keep silent or about which the public knows little. That is what we plan to show you in every edition of the Observator. Where is the billion or “Operation Talif”. Enjoy!

Let’s go by the numbers. The missing billion was first mentioned in Observator.

Suddenly, the figure of inter-banks loans has increased, when this amount, from three billion lei suddenly rose to 13.5 billion. Looking carefully, until 2013 all inter-bank loans were relatively equal, spread evenly through the entire banking system, from 2014 we witness that 75% to 80% of them are going to a single bank. Out of these 13 billion lei, almost 11 billion, in fact a bit over 11 billion, went to a single bank Since then, things went awry in the Republic of Moldova. It’s hard to believe what happened next. And it’s equally hard to understand the mechanism that lead to such an outcome. But it’s worth a try.

Of the fact that Vlad Filat and his relatives are directly involved in the Heist of the Century, Veaceslav Ionita anounced as early as last year. He has revealed how unbelievable sums of money were embezzled by Filat’s family, under his guidance and influence. Through some schemes as old as the world itself, sums of money were taken from the Moldovan Savings Bank (BEM), I could only prove about 500 million lei, but the damage is much greater. After making such statements, he found himself sued for liable by Filat’s relatives, who claimed to be wrongfully defamed and denigrated. But the two civil suits are about to crumble. Crumble just like the political career of the man who hid behind the entire scheme described by the former liberal-democrat MP.

It’s interesting how they failed to appear in court for two on two dates, who are running in parallel. At the first trial, they claimed that at the exact time they were themselves on trial, and I remember that six months before that I had made a request to the Anti-Corruption Centre since I was tired to be sued all the time, perhaps it was time to send them to court, as well. Thanks to the prosecutors for having listened. And it’s ironic how they were actually on trial for all the felonies I had put in their charge and for which I had been sued. And for the second lawsuit they entirely failed to appear before the judge. According to our laws, if the plaintiff is absent without a valid motive, the case is dismissed. It wasn’t dismissed yet, but we want to insist that the complaint be overruled, on grounds of the plaintiff not showing up in court. To conclude, the prosecutors have finally confirmed what Veaceslav Ionita was saying a year before and press charges against Filat’s relatives, whom they accuse of plotting criminal schemes aimed to empoverish the Republic of Moldova and to fill their own pockets. We are talking about company seals that were found in the HQ of the companies that were searched with a warrant. We discovered the seals of the companies used to transfer the money, including the sums obtained fraudulently as loans from the Savings Bank (BEM). We found the access codes for bank accounts open for domestic and foreign companies, in off-shore banks. The access codes to these accounts mean that the accounts could be managed remotely. The copy to a set of documents which is now part of the criminal file. We aim to establish how the copy of such documents came into the possession of the persons who are directly involved in the investigation. I prefer to refrain from comments. Furthermore, for the first time, the plan comes to include the name Vlad Filat. After the leader of Our Party, Renato Usatii, reveals several documents that prove how Filat used money from the Savings Bank to finance his own election campaign. The stolen money were transferred by off-shore companies that belong to him to a PR/advocacy firm in the United States.

Rhodos is an offshore company which paid for the entire PR of the Liberal Democrats in the elections campaign. Here is the direct evidence: payments, accounts, transactions…

The Rhodos company had appeared in this new formula, I had the names of Mr. Filat’s relatives, but I did not want to name anyone, as I thought that those were private individuals, I was interested of the fact that they were direct relatives to Mr. Filat and that also they had made payments to an American company. Sadly for me and for the entire public, at the time I did not have the documents to confirm such claims. I knew that this had happened, several people knew about it, but it was beyond possible to have such documents. Since in order to pay for the services of the US company they had used money stolen from the Savings Bank, the US authorities would later start a criminal probe targeted also at Vlad Filat. From the Savings Bank’s money, there were payments made to an American company, at the time the person who approved the payments was under US jurisdiction. And so, the authorities, the US prosecutors were simply compelled to lauch a criminal investigation and to prosecute the case. And from here on you simply can’t blame a political vendetta. As he saw the end was nearer and nearer, Vlad Filat has attempted, in the past few weeks, to contact US vice-president Joe Biden. Filat wanted to persuade him that, in fact, he was just a victim. Biden did not heed. He ignored him. It seems like the decisions at the highest level had already been made. And the dice had been cast. Until the US case went on trial, Moldovan investigators started already to do something about Filat. The Anti-Corruption Centre officers examined carefully all statements made by Mr. Usatii in his press-conference, he was summoned the next day to talk to the prosecutors, he was heard as a witness, according to criminal procedures. He was even warned of the consequences of false testimony. He gave us detailed statements related to what he had said in the press-conference and he also produced copies of the documents that were released to the media. At the moment, we are examining these statements, we are observing them carefully, we are considering our future options for the prosecution of the case, whom exactly we need to question in order to verify if the documents are genuine. They are sure to become the object of a more extended inquest. Let’s allow law enforcers to do their job and to decide independently whether Filat is responsible or not for the theft of 100 million of the missing billion. Money whose route was already deduced. We also tried to established what happened in parallel. How Filat attempted to cover-up his involvement in the embezzlement. Knowing that monkey business can be hid under a smoke-screen, with the proper distraction for the public opinion, Filat decides to increase the stock of affiliated media and purchases to this purpose, with the very money that he had stolen from BEM the portal Unimedia and Radio “Voice of Bassarabia”.

There are no more doubts that they belong to him. Meanwhile, Filat decides to revert to his old buddies, with whom he had tried before, in 2013, to remove Vladimir Plahotniuc: the Topa brothers. He meets up with them in Frankfurt, where he offers them a down-payment for Jurnal TV and sets on to plot the demise of Plahotniuc. I had no idea that I was being followed, especially when travelling abroad. I can say one thing, I never ceased to communicate with certain persons, including – very seldom, but I did communicate – Mr. Victor Topa. And I see nothing wrong with it. This once, the interest of the Topa brothers and those of Filat manage to coincide. The Topa brothers want Plahotniuc destroyed, in order to be able to return to Moldova, to the place where they stole their fortune. And Filat wants Plahotniuc annihilated because he controls the Anti-Corruption Centre and the General Prosecutor, institutions which are getting dangerously close to scoring their biggest hit, a fatal one for Filat.

So, in a context of popular dissent, Filat and the Topa brothers decide to redirect the people’s anger to a single target: Plahotniuc. For this, they take control in the DA Platform, with the aid of Jurnal TV and of certain analysts from competing networks. They lauch attacks on Plahotniuc. Proving extra-zealous, in the meat-grinder falls also Mihai Ghimpu, of the Liberal Party. This happened because Filat is a frustrated individual and he recalled who was the person that notified the Constitutional Court that Filat was unfit for the office of prime-minister, thus humiliating him publically, as he was made to leave office on corruption charges. Filat is but a carrot compared to me. I have been fighting for 24 years, he has no clue as to what is a cause, a struggle. He has nothing sacred in his heart, I cannot tolerate this man. Enough! Up to here!

The DA movement very quickly steps in and leads the crowd in the direction pointed out by Filat and the Topa brothers, blaming Plahotniuc for the stolen billion. This, I repeat, despite the fact that the first clues as to the size of the heist were revealed by Observator, and all these clues lead to Filat. I apologize to the citizens of Moldova when I say that 500 million lei is small potatoes, but when you are considering hundreds of millions of dollars, 500 million lei start looking small. In no time, the true interest of DA were unmasked by the media. It has become obvious for all that the Platform is playing the game of Filat and of the Topa brothers. It went down as quickly as it went up. And its leaders and the media front that backed them up have proven amateurish, making essential mistakes, that were easy to spot. Filat wanted to cause the implosion of the politic leadership in Moldova. But he failed. Seeing that he had come unglued, Filat wanted to start an alliance and for that to conceed anything, even to Ghimpu, whom he despises. And to Plahotniuc, who holds the fate of Filat in his hands. And the Strelet cabinet of 2015 proves that Filat was no longer the country’s most popular figure, as in 2009, but someone who can be easily blackmailed and who would be willing to sell short whatever he has, in order to get away.

This was obvious in his Parliament speech, before the new Cabinet was sworn into office. The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova, the Democratic Party of Moldova, the Liberal Party of Moldova have signed an agreement to ally as the new parliament majority, in order to secure good governance for the Republic of Moldova. Strelet is sworn in as prime-minister and Filat is in for a new suprise. Please make note of my decision to resign as MP in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova. Vlad Plahotniuc steps down as MP and the end is somewhere near.

That which you have seen until now would be enough to land someone in prison? I think that the authorities… I don’t mean the people who are already under arrest. I think that today, our authorities have managed to secure enough evidence, including the latest statements made public, with the documents that have emerged, they are enough to launch – and I am sure that it was launched – a criminal probe. Can we expect a criminal case against he who was targeted by this, namely Vlad Filat?

At the time, we can neither confirm, nor deny who will be subject to a criminal investigation. After we study all of the documents and we receive all the answers that we need to the questions that we are sure to ask, we will make a legal assessment of these actions and of the transactions that were carried out as loans from the Savings Bank of Moldova. This is Gabriel Calin, see you soon, goodbye!

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