Let us make an abstraction from the fact that Victor and Viorel Topa are two criminals with their documents in order and let us start from the idea that the two are only former fools of power.

Or, that one was chief at BEM and another chief of Civil Aviation and, later, Transport Minister, we cannot even make an abstraction.

So, these “victims”, because they seem so, claim to be squeaky clean. I personally do not know any public clerk to be squeaky clean. No one. Especially from those who have worked side by side with Vlad Filat.

Let us make also an abstraction from the fact that one of the fools is financing a TV channel that makes an abundance of ordered news. Or, in general, this post was created as a weapon against their old friend Plahotniuc. Only after the financial source of the channel was unmasked, they publicly admitted that it belongs to them.

Let us make also an abstraction from the fact that they used Iurie Rosca’s services, whom they have hired to fix the channel’s editorial politics.

Let us make an abstraction from the fact that not even after “the affairs” of hard times, after which the nation decided that it’s better to bring the Communists to power than to endure them more, these victims did not interrupt their relations with Vlad Filat.

Let us make an abstraction from the fact that these doubtful persons have connections with the famous underworld, their names being in the same list with those who launder money from drug cartels.

And … let us build them a monument just in front of the Government!

Instead of Ghimpu’s stone. Or next to it. Only I just do not quite understand what will be written on the monument:

…for the creation of the Anti-Mafia movement;

… for the particular contribution in promoting of the image of Vladimir Plahotniuc;

… for the prosecutors removal from circulation;

… for resolving the problem of housing of some activists;

… for sabotaging the German Government’s interests;

… to fight against unionism;

… for the political crisis in 2013 and the destruction of Filat;

… for sponsoring of PLR;

… Because you all exist, because DA, because “forward and not backward”.

Frankly, I do not find the right statement.

Beyond the jokes, the “Observator” show is based only on concrete facts and persuasive evidence and the hysteria of one of the Topas (Viorel) is at least hilarious.

I understand him. It’s hard to see that everything secretly built crumbles because of a journalist who tries to prevent the recurrence of another kind of the Plahotniucs and Filats in the Republic of Moldova

Dear Viorel and Victor.

We have our own Plahotniucs, Ghimpus and Filats. We are tired of them. Why would we need you? You’ve already shown what you can do and we appreciate it.

You have a problem with conviction? solve it at CEDO/ECHR, not through manipulation and dirty political games. And live quietly. In Germany or Moldova.

As the Moldova24’s budget, derived from the paprika I cultivate, allowed me just one trip to Frankfurt, I invite you to us, for more discussion.

Ah, yes… Do not forget the copies of the case, of which you say you can make it public, maybe we’ll find something interesting there.

What about my supposed chiefs, I cannot wait to see them next to you, the fugitives to Frankfurt.


Gabriel Călin,
for Moldova24

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