Who is leading the DA Platform? Nastase turns from Topa’s prosecutor into his godson!

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After what was revealed in the previous two editions of the Observator, related to the DA Platform, but also after the actions taken on June the 7th by the movement’s leaders, the Platform cannot and must not be regarded as a civic organization. Compromised from the start by the fact that in their no so distant past, the DA leaders have revealed what Moldova24, Livenews and Observator have tried to warn you about. The only civic thing left within the Platform is the name. The aim of this organization was to start up a political party, controlled by some millionaires, cynical and dangerous to society, who now attempt to pose as victims.

We commit ourselves to initiate the foundation of a political movement able to represent you. Just like in the case of any political party, behind DA there are actual people who pull the strings and finance it for very-well defined purposes. Although they have made great efforts to conceal themselves as best as they could – very clumsily, in our opinion – Victor and Viorel Topa can no longer deny that they are the persons in question. And that the Platform is at their orders. 01.08 We can tell that from their Facebook posts, but we can see that even cleared from their extremely tight connections with the DA leaders.

So, after failing miserably with the Anti-Mafia initiative lead by a certain Mocanu, he himself compromised, the Topa brothers have plotted with some of the governing political actors to devise another plan that will bring them to power.

The Civic Platform for Dignity and Truth (DA). For this, they prepared an initiative group and they also roused up the spirits and they prepared the public opinion, using their propaganda machine called Jurnal TV. They rounded up former Popular Christian Democrats, spin doctors, political analysts and some other characters behind whose credibility they now attempt to hide. The most active within the DA Platform – a Topa contraption – is Vasile Nastase, attorney at law. A fierce fighter without any dignity, for the lack of truth. Few people are aware that this brave warrior for the cause of “returning the country to its people” was once a prosecutor specialized in transportations. Coincidentally, perhaps, he prosecuted a rather interesting case. Guess who was involved in it? You got it right! The Topa brothers. No less coincidentally, immediately after that, Nastase becomes the godson of Topa and an attorney of the entire family.

Notice the astounding transformation! From a prosecutor who presses criminal charges to a legal counselor of the Topa brothers – and they also saw him to the altar as godfathers. A transformation worth being pictured in a movie with gangsters, money and corruption. Victor Topa was indicted in a criminal case in 2003 or… in 2003, yes. Sorry, it was 2002. And it took until 2004, he was cleared of all charges, and against Viorel Topa there was an attempt to launch a criminal inquest. Furthermore, Nastase’s name – after this poor lost lamb was recruited – appears right next to the Topa brothers in the records of a German company, where he is registered as a founder. And this is on the official website of the German Registrar. What a strange coincidence, right? The company in question is directly linked to the outrageous privatization of an important share of stock belonging to Air Moldova. A state-owned company that was once managed by Victor Topa. This information is collected from the official German website.

Thus, we have the Civic Platform DA on one hand, with a leader made of straw, Nastase the attorney, and on the other hand we have the business buddies Topa, who have privatized Air Moldova under the counter, who have taken loans from the Savings Bank of Moldova, which was also under their control, who were Nastase the attorney’s wedding godfathers, and who eventually made Nastase their business partner. The connection is obvious to anyone and Moldovans are keen on their traditions: a godson will always obey his godfather. Especially if the latter has taken the godson as a business partner and helped him move his family to Frankfurt am Main by purchasing him a flat.

Only 18 kilometres away from the godfather’s own residence. We’ll be coming back to Frankfurt. But this is not the only link of the Topa brothers with the DA Platform. This Andrei Nastase also has a brother. One that is also among the Platform leaders. A renowned spin doctor who was in the service of Iurie Rosca, at a time when the latter betrayed the entire country – in 2005, he gathered thousands of protesters, like the Platform did later. Afterwards, he simply mocked them all and signed an alliance with the Communist Voronin. A method later employed by Vlad Filat himself, who is only a copycat of Rosca. 04.00 But let’s return to our topic. Vasile Nastase, the brother of Andrei Nastase, lawyer for the Topa clan, is also an important piece in the puzzle. He gathered around himself into the Platform other mercenaries of Iurie Rosca, his former colleagues.

Two of them are Valentin Dolganiuc and Angela Arama. The former has held an important office within the cabinet, and the latter has authored the Broadcast Act, a law frowned upon and criticised by all the media who is not affiliated with the government. The influence of the Topa brothers becomes even more obvious when we observe that these very characters have been promoted intensively by Jurnal TV in the recent past. During this while, the network only channeled the popular dissent into the pockets of the Topa brothers. For credibility, the DA leadership has also included other characters, landed through another network: that of grants. Some of them are actually distributed via the State Chancery, that is controlled, very likely also by accident, by the Liberal Democrats. But we’ll get deeper into this another time.

The latter were recruited by the Platform in order to shed some credibility on the organization. The effect was the exact opposite. When the former Christian-Democrat Valentin Dolganiuc announced that the Platform would become a political movement, the credibility of the Platform and of these characters took a serious dive. 05.04 And this raised controversy and dissent within the movement. When making the announcement on stage, Dolganiuc only confirmed everything that was published by Moldova24. From the fact that the true meaning of the Platform was to create a political party to who was behind it, the Topa brothers, and even Vlad Filat, who has yet to explain the mysterious flight to Frankfurt, home of the Topa brothers and of their lawyer, Nastase. There, they contrived a financial network meant to finance all sort of movements in Moldova, subservient to them, and to also sponsor Jurnal TV, a propaganda tool that is used to manipulate in their favour and for which Filat has already made a down-payment.

Now it’s important that the people understand how behind the DA Platform there are in fact hidden the Topa brothers. And, as mercenaries, they have hired the stormtroopers of the olden days, who once worked for Iurie Rosca. We all remember how it ended in April 2005. How it will end now, we are about to find out. One thing is for sure: the old traitors are back and they can’t shake their old habits. And, event if there were no connection between them, the Topa brothers and Filat, which already impossible to disprove, the outcome will be the same. The betrayal of the people. Paveliu, Nastase, Oschovski, Dolganiuc, they are all connected to Frankfurt and with the Topa brothers.

In our next edition, we will tell you more about the financial empire built by the Topa brothers. The theft of the Air Moldova shares, the illegal sale of chancellor Merkel’s old airplane, the deliberate bankruptcy of several European companies, the scheme to manage and to control Jurnal TV and some of the business manners of the Topa brothers. People who want their country back, for themselves.


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