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Saturday, April 17, 2021

EXCLUSIVE // PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE! YES, on April the 1st 2015 Filat and Țopa met up in FRANKFURT

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Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator have gained possession of the IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE of the meeting held between Filat and Țopa on April the 1st 2015, in Frankfurt. There, they discussed the purchase of Jurnal Trust Media and they laid out a strategy for the actions to be undertaken by the DA Platform, whose strings are pulled by the fugitive millionaires Victor and Viorel Țopa.

The photos published below prove clearly that the two have met up: after a quick chat in the Villa Kennedy Hotel in Frankfurt, Victor Țopa andVlad Filat leave the building one after another.

Just a quick reminder: Moldova 24 was the first to publish such information, about the said encounter between Victor Țopa and Vlad Filat, when they struck a deal for the sale of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat and also in regard to the future actions of the DA Platform. It was all revealed in our programme, Observator, hosted by Gabriel Călin, a reputed journalist. The disclosures raised controversy and prompted criticism aimed at Moldova24 from the people controlled by Țopa within the rather cynical so-called Civic Platform DA.

But let’s observe the evidence.


Photos 1 and 2. At 13:38 local time, VictorȚopa exits Villa Kennedy Hotel and heads towards a cab parked outside.

3 4 5

Photos 3, 4 and 5. At 13:39, Filat leaves the same hotel, flanked by security guards, as Victor Țopa was already waiting on the back seat of the cab.


Photos 6 – Filat takes his security agent and hops aboard a Mercedes Benz S-Klasse, registration plates AF 9369, heading for the airport.

Thus, Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator have proved yet again that the information we published initially comes from reliable sources and cannot be refuted. Meanwhile, the pictures above fill out the gaps in the puzzle and prove once more that the Civic Platform DA is controlled by liars, who have denied the information we published. Let’s review what actually happened:

  1. On April the 1st 2015, Vlad Filat flies into Frankfurt aboard the charter plane registered as OK-XLS, on a route code-named USA 711/712, and upon arrival he meets up with Victor Țopa.
  2. During the said meeting, they discuss the sale of Jurnal TV to Vlad Filat.
  3. At the same time, they plan ahead for the DA Platform’s future actions and they negotiate a manner in which to steer the anger of the protesters away from Vlad Filat and onto other political figures in Moldova. Sort of a lightning rod meant to shield Filat when the lightning strikes.
  4. In Frankfurt, in the exact time-frame, a certain Andrei Năstase was present. He is the godson of Țopa and he is also acting as leader of the DA Platform. After having received new orders from Țopa, he returns to Chișinău onApril 2nd. Here, with the aid of his brother, Vasile, they start to implement the instructions given by Țopa and Filat using the former Christian-Democrats who are now members of DA.
  5. The DA Platform holds a rally on April the 5th. The pro-unionists are no longer allowed to take the floor and speak to the crowd, as well as other organizations that no longer suit the needs of the Liberal-Democrat leader, Filat.
  6. Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish information regarding the secret meeting of Filat and Țopa.
  7. In order to mitigate the media impact of our disclosures, that discredit Filat and the DA Platform, the Liberal-Democrat decides to sacrifice prime-minister Gaburici and force him to sign a petitiondemanding the resignation of the General Prosecutor and of the Governor of the National Bank of Moldova. The effect of such a move is very much noticeable now, as the resignation of Gaburici ushered in a new political crisis, a very dangerous one, considering the fact that Russia is again very close to obtaining an overwhelming influence in Moldova.
  8. The DA Plaform announces, during another rally held on June the 7th, that it aims to become a political movement, thus confirming once again that the scheme described by Observator was accurate.
  9. Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator publish the evidence that sheds light on the entire plot and leaves no room for interpretation: Vlad Filat is waging war again. A war on the very citizens of his own country!

Moldova24, LiveNews and Observator kindly invite you to watch one more time the three episodes of the programme hosted by GabrielCălin, in order to see for yourselves again that all we have published was put out with Dignity and for the sake of Truth.

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